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Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the Union Index

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Journal abbreviations in each Index and in Search and List Kit

In this list symbols precede numbers which precede letters. Letters are case insensitive. Underscore is treated as a symbol.

AdvAusAdvance! Australia July 1926-1929 April, Sydney, George S Arundale
AdvPamAdvance! Australia Pamphlets, no year (1926-1929?) Sydney, GS Arundale?
AdyBulThe Adyar Bulletin 1908-1929 Adyar, Madras, India, Annie Besant
ADYNEWSLAdyar News-Letter continued as Adyar Newsletter (incomplete) 1960 - continuing, Adyar, Katherine A. Beechey, Radha S. Burnier and Caroline Tess
AdyPa1The Adyar Pamphlets 1911-1936? Adyar, Madras, India
AdyPa2Adyar Pamphlets New Series 1998 - continuing, TPH Adyar
AdyPopAdyar Popular Lectures 1908-1915? Adyar, India
Ady_ThThe Adyar Theosophist 1930 Annie Besant
AmerT1The American Theosophist [First Series] 1913-14, Krotona, Hollywood, LA Cal, AP Warrington
AmerThThe American Theosophist 1933 - 1996, Wheaton
AnPsScAnnals of Psychical Science 1905-1910 London; Caesar de Vesme; 2 vols per year
Anthr1Anthroposophy 1920-1925
Anthr2Anthroposophy 1926-1933, London, DN Dunlop
AquarTAquarian Theosophist, The, 2000 - continuing, Internet:, ULT, Jerome Wheeler
ArtHPBArticles by HP Blavatsky< 37 Pamphlets (no year) 164 Articles, Theosophy Company, LA Ca
ArtWQJArticles by William Q Judge 31 Pamphlets (no year) 275 Articles, Theosophy Company, LA Ca
AuESBuThe Australian ES Bulletin issued by Cor Sec of the A&NZ Divisions EST
AusNN1Australian Notes and News 1928-? (incomplete) Sydney, Harold Morton
AusNN2Australian News and Notes 1933-? (incomplete) Sydney, Harold Morton
AusTh1Austral Theosophist 1894-1895 Mr Besant-Scott, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
AusTh2(The) Australian Theosophist 1897-1898 Sydney, TW Willans
AusTh3The Australian Theosophist (2) 1926-1928
AusTh4The Australian Theosophist (3) 1928-1933 CW Leadbeater
AusTrNAustralian Star News 1926-27 (incomplete), Sydney, JL Davidge
BeaconThe Beacon 1922 - continuing, New York, Lucis Trust, Foster Bailey
BlaLecThe Blavatsky Lectures, 1918 - continuing, TPH London
BlaPamThe Blavatsky Pamphlets, HPB Library, British Columbia
BlzStrThe Blazing Star, 1923-1924, Sydney, Herbrand Williams
BrWAdyBranch Work, Adyar, Madras, India 1891 to ?
BrWUSABranch Work Papers USA 1890-1894
BroadVBroad Views 1904-1907 London, AP Sinnett
BulTSRBulletin of the Theosophy-Science Research Association 1977 Ed RC Rath, Bhubaneswar, India (became The Theoscientist)
CanaduffThe Canadian Theosophist, 1920 - 1998, Canada (Outline Index)
CanTh2 Canadian Theosophist, The, 1920 - 2007 index 1920-26 v1-6, 1927-28 v8, 1937-1938 v18, 1954-57 v35-7, 1959-67, 1974-2007, 1959-67, 1974-2007, Toronto, Ontario, Albert E.S. Smythe
Circls Circles, 1985-95, 2005-2008, Scotland, Brian Fleming, Alan Senior
D_DreiDie Drei - Monatsschrift fr Anthroposophie 1921-1931 Stuttgart, Sigismund von Gleich
DawnDawn 1921-1924 Sydney, Australia, TS Loyalty League, John Prentice
DiscovDiscovery 1946-76 Wheaton, James S Perkins
EclectThe Eclectic Theosophist 1971 - 1995 San Diego, Calif., W Emmett Small, Helen Todd
Eng_ThThe English Theosophist, August 1895 to Dec 1900, WA Bulmer, Howard H Birt
EsotEsoterica 2010 - continuing, London, Eric McGough
ExtVahExtracts from the Vahan 1891-1904, London, Sarah Corbett
Fohat Fohat, 1997 - 2008, Edmonton TS Canada, Robert Bruce MacDonald
HalcyoThe Halcyon (OSE) 1912-1915 Christchurch, New Zealand, TE Brown & Emma Hunt
HiCNewHigh Country Newsletter 1986-1990 Boulder, Colorado, Richard Slusser
HiC_ThHigh Country Theosophist 1990-2004 Boulder, Colorado, Richard Slusser
HrlStrThe Herald of the Star 1912-1927 London, J Krishnamurti
HScHVaHolistic Science and Human Values. Transactions of the Theosophy Science Group
IndianIndian Theosophist, The, (index from 2002, incomplete), Varanasi, India, S M Umakanth Rao
InsigtInsight 1998 - continuing, London, Lilian Storey
IrishTThe Irish Theosophist 1892-1897 Dublin, Ireland, DN Dunlop
IStrB1International Star Bulletin (1) 1928- July 1929 (incomplete) Ommen Holland, D Rajagopal and RL Christie
IStrB2International Star Bulletin (2) August 1929- 1930 (incomplete) Ommen Holland, Emily Lutyens and D Rajagopal
JRPsyRJournal of Religion and Psychical Research 1979 - continuing, Conn., USA
JScExpJournal of Scientific Exploration 1987 - continuing , NY NY & Stanford, California
JSPsyRJournal of the Society for Psychical Research 1885-1893 London
KAustBKrishnamurti Australia Bulletin 1990-continuing, Australia
KFndB_Krishnamurti Foundation (Trust) Bulletin 1968-continuing, England
KTManuTheosophical Manuals (Katherine Tingley Series) 1907-8, by students of KT, Point Loma, Ca
LampThe Lamp, 1894-1900 Canada, Albert ES Smythe
LightBThe Light Bearer 1993 - continuing, Canada
LinkThe Link, May 1908 - Feb 1912, Adyar, India
LonForLondon Forum, The 1933-38 incorporated in The Occult Review (UK Edn)
LotBlFLe Lotus Bleu, March 1890 - continuing, Paris, France
LotusLe Lotus, March 1887 to March 1889 Paris, France
LucifrLucifer 1887-1897 London, HP Blavatsky
MagicMagic 1896 TW Willans, Sydney, NSW, Australia
MagnetThe Magnet, 1918-28 (incomplete), London, Esther Bright
MalayTThe Malayan Theosophist 1939-1942 Singapore, Jane Clumeck
MercurMercury 1894-1899 San Francisco, Cal, William John Walters
Mesgr1The Messenger 1913-27, Krotona, Hollywood, LA Cal, AP Warrington
NewCalThe New Californian, 1891-1894 Jerome A. Anderson & Louise A. Off
NewEnNNew England Notes 1895-96 (incomplete) Boston, Robert A Chandler
NNTSAuNews & Notes of the Theosophical Society in Australia 1934-1936 Clara Codd
NZThMaNew Zealand Theosophical Magazine 1900-1908, became Theosophy in New Zealand
OccRevThe Occult Review (UK Edn) 1905-48 (inc 'The London Forum' Sept 1933 to April 1938) London, Ralph Shirley
ODPEurTheosophical Society European Section Oriental Department (ed GRS Mead)
ODPUSA(American) Oriental Department Papers (WQ Judge) 1st Series: 26 known; 2nd Series: 8 known
ORevFEThe Occult Review (Foreign Edn) 1907-1932 London, Ralph Shirley
PacifTPacific Theosophist, 1891-1898, Seattle & San Francisco, Jerome A Anderson
PapyrsPapyrus 1918-1924 (incomplete) Cairo, Egypt
PathAuThe Path 1925-1949 (incomplete) Sydney, The Independent TS
PathNYThe Path 1886-1896 NY, WQ Judge
PathUKThe Path 1910-1914 London, DN Dunlop
PeLoStPeace Lodge Studies:by TH Redfern unless otherwise indicated)
PhonixPhoenix Rising 1978-79, Adyar, Madras, John BS Coats
PSPsyRProceedings of the Society for Psychical Research 1882 - continuing, London
PsychNPsychic Notes 1882 Calcutta, Alice Gordon (and HP Blavatsky)
Psypion Psypioneer 2004 - 2016, Internet Archive:, London, Leslie Price
PurManTheosophical Manuals (G de Purucker Series) 1930-40, Point Loma, TUP, Ca
Qst_UKThe Quest 1909-1931? London, GRS Mead (a continuation of The Theosophical Review)
QstUSAThe Quest 1988 - continuing, Wheaton, USA, William Metzger
ResCeJResearch Centre Journal 1972-1976 rural UK
RevuetRevue Theosophique, March 1889 to Feb 1890 Paris, France, Comtesse G d'Adhmar
SatuLMThe Saturn Lodge Monthly (of the TS in Shanghai, China) 1920-?; editor A. Horne
SciGrJScience Group Journal 1957-1971 rural UK
SishyaSishya (The Student), Adyar, Madras, India
StrANZThe Star - Australia and New Zealand 1928 Sydney, JL Davidge
StrBulStar Bulletin 1931- 1933, Ommen Holland, Emily Lutyens and D Rajagopal
StrEaA(The) Star in the East. Australian Division 1918-1926 (incomplete) Sydney, TH Martyn, Mary E Rocke
StrRevThe Star Review 1928-1929 London, Emily Lutyens
StrUSAStar, The 1928-1929 (incomplete) LA Calif. JA Ingelman, MR Hotchener
SunrisSunrise 1952-2007, Pasadena, California; James A. Long
Th_HarTheosophy 1896-1897 NY, ET Hargrove
Th_RevThe Theosophical Review 1897-1909 London, Annie Besant, GRS Mead
Th_SciTheosophy-Science 1977-1983 UK
ThDgstTheosophical Digest 1989 - continuing, Philippines, Vicente Hao Chin Jr
TheoNZTheoSophia (NZ) 2007 - continued from Theosophy in NZ, Auckland NZ, Jo Barnsdale
TheoScThe Theoscientist (Formerly Bulletin of the Theosophy-Science Research Association) 1977 Ed RC Rath, Bhubaneswar, India
TheostThe Theosophist 1879 - continuing, Bombay and Adyar, HPB
ThFrmNThe Theosophical Forum New Series, 1929-1951 (incomplete) Point Loma, Cal, G de Purucker
ThHiCeTheosophical History Centre publications 1985-1989, London, Leslie Price
ThHiOPTheosophical History Occasional Papers 1993 - continuing
ThHistTheosophical History 1985 - continuing, Leslie Price, JA Santucci
ThHollThe Theosophist 1930 Hollywood, Annie Besant, MR Hotchener
ThIsisTheosophic Isis 1896-1897 Herbert AW Coryn
ThJourThe Theosophical Journal 1960-1997 (incomplete), London, Laurence J Bendit
ThManuTheosophical Manuals 1-7 1892-96 and reprints, London, Adyar, etc
ThMes1Theosophic Messenger, The 1899-1912 San Francisco, WJ Walters
ThMes2Theosophical Messenger, The 1927-1932, Wheaton Ill, LW Rogers
ThMovtThe Theosophical Movement 1930-continuing (index from Nov 2000) Bombay, M Dastur
ThNotsTheosophical Notes 1950-1978, California, Victor Endersby
ThPathThe Theosophical Path, 1911-1935 (incomplete) Point Loma, Cal, Katherine Tingley, G de Purucker
ThphiaTheosophia 1944-1981 Los Angeles, Boris de Zirkoff
Thphy2Theosophy 1912-2007 SF and LA, Calif, The Theosophy Company
ThQly_ Theosophical Quarterly, The 1903-38, TS (in America - Hargrove group), New York, CA Griscom
ThResJThe Theosophical Research Journal 1984-1988 Wheaton
ThScGNTheosophy-Science Group Newsletter 1984 - continuing, Sydney, Hugh Murdoch
ThSiftTheosophical Siftings 1888-1895 London, Countess Wachtmeister
ThStuPTheosophical Study Paper 2002 - continuing, Education Unit, TS in Australia
ThWrld Theosophy World, 1996-2010, Internet Magazine:, Eldon Tucker
TinAu1Theosophy in Australasia 1895-1921 John C Staples, Sydney, NSW, Australia
TinAu2Theosophy in Australia (1) 1921-1926 edited by Josephine Ransom
TinAu3Theosophy in Australia (2) 1936 - continuing
TinEAWTheosophy in England & Wales, 1921-1924, H Baillie-Weaver
TinNZ Theosophy in New Zealand 1908 - continuing
TRCTraTheosophical Research Centre Transactions 1931-1968, London
TrFeESTransactions Annual Congresses of the Federation of European Sections Theosophical Society 1904-1923?
TrLoL1Transactions of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society 1884-1906 London, AP Sinnett
TrLoL2Transactions of the London Lodge second series 1913-1916
ULTPamU.L.T. Pamphlet 1930-1938 Theosophy Company, Bombay India
UpadhiUpadhi 1892-1893 TW Willans, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Vahan1Vahan (1) 1890-1891 London, UK, HP Blavatsky & Walter R Old
Vahan2The Vahan 1891-1920 London, GRS Mead
VIDYA Vidya 1989 - continuing, Universal Theosophical Fellowship, Santa Barbara, Ca
VoyageVoyage 1946-1950 (incomplete) Sydney Australia, Sidney Dorne
WorldTWorld Theosophy 1931-1933 Hollywood, Marie R Hotchener

Other abbreviations used in the indices

anonanonymous, author unknown
bwblack & white
CwtnComments on the Watch-Tower Notes
Ed, edEditor, edited by
ESPExtra Sensory Perception
FTSFellow of the Theosophical Society
GenSecGeneral Secretary
JRPRJournal of Religion & Psychical Research
KttKey to Theosophy
LMW-1stLetters from the Masters of Wisdom - 1st series
LtteLetter to the Editor
LutrLucifer & The Theosophical Review
Mdmemadame; Mrs
ML-APSThe Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett
Mllemademoiselle; Miss
NGONon Government Organization
NSNew Scientist
ODLOld Diary Leaves
OtWTOn the Watch-Tower
P-FPresident-Founder; HS Olcott
QiT/SQuestions in Theosophy/Science
rprntreprint, reprinted from
TiMLTheosophy in Many Lands
TPHTheosophical Publishing House
trtranslator, translation, translated
ttt(3 dots arranged in a triangular pattern)
UFOunidentified flying object
UKUnited Kingdom
USAUnited States of America
(vf)poem, song, verse, prayer, chant

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