Transactions of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society  first series 1884-1906 London, AP Sinnett

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TrLoL1 y1884 i1 June p3 - Questions by Members dealt with by Mr Mohini at a Meeting of the Lodge held on the 11th June 1884 -- Mohini M Chatterji
TrLoL1 y1884 i2 December p3 - A Paper on Kama-Loca & the bearings of the Esoteric Doctrine on Spiritualism -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1885 i3 January p3 - On the Higher Aspects of Theosophic Studies -- Mohini M Chatterji
TrLoL1 y1885 i4 February p3 - A Synopsis of Baron Du Prel's "Philosophie der Mystik" -- Bertram Keightley
TrLoL1 y1885 i5 March p3 - A Paper on Reincarnation -- Francesca Arundale
TrLoL1 y1885 i6 June p3 - The Theosophical Movement (in this country has naturally been misunderstood.) -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1885 i6 June p15 - Note by Mr Mohini -- Mohini M Chatterji
TrLoL1 y1885 i7 October p3 - The Higher Self -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1885 i8 December p3 - The Theosophical Society & its Work -- Mohini M Chatterji
TrLoL1 y1886 i9 June p1 - A Paper on Krishna -- Mohini M Chatterji
TrLoL1 y1886 i10 July p1 - On Mesmerism -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1886 i11 August p1 - Theosophy in the Works of Richard Wagner -- William Ashton Ellis
TrLoL1 y1887 i12 July p1 - Buddha's Teaching -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1887 i13 August p1 - The Relations of the Lower & the Higher Self -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1889 i14 November p1 - Karma in the Animal Kingdom -- Mrs AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1890 i15 February p1 - On Free Will & Necessity regarded in the Light of Reincarnation & Karma -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1890 i16 March p1 - Faith -- Pilgrim (W Scott-Elliot)
TrLoL1 y1893 i17 February p3 - The Evolution of Humanity -- W Scott-Elliot
TrLoL1 y1893 i18 July p3 - The Human Aura -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1893 i19 December p3 - The Pyramids & Stonehenge -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1894 i20 April p3 - Masters of Wisdom -- Bertram Keightley
TrLoL1 y1894 i21 May p3 - Vehicles of Consciousness -- W Scott-Elliot
TrLoL1 y1894 i22 June p3 - The Culture of the Soul -- Annie Besant
TrLoL1 y1895 i23 March p3 - Modern Spiritualism (The Phenomena of Spiritualism considered in the Light of Theosophic Teaching) -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1895 i24 April p3 - The Astral Plane -- CW Leadbeater
TrLoL1 y1895 i25 May p3 - The Path of Initiation -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1895 i26 August p3 - The Lunar Pitris -- Mrs AP Sinnett & W Scott-Elliot
TrLoL1 y1895 i27 December p3 - Dreams -- CW Leadbeater
TrLoL1 y1896 i28 January p3 - The Future that Awaits Us -- Annie Besant
TrLoL1 y1896 i29 February p1 - Atlantis - A Geographical, Historical, & Ethnological Sketch -- W Scott-Elliot
TrLoL1 y1896 i30 April p3 - The System to which we Belong -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1897 i31 February p3 - The Beginnings of the Fifth Race -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1898 i32 January p3 - Apollonius of Tyana -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1899 i33 February p3 - The Constitution of the Ego -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1899 i34 November p3 - Karma (The Extent & Limitations of our Knowledge) -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1901 i35 March p3 - Hindoos & Europeans -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1902 i36 April p3 - Obscure Problems of Karma & Rebirth -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1902 i37 June p3 - The Animal Kingdom -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1903 i38 May p3 - The Constitution of the Earth -- AP Sinnett
TrLoL1 y1903 i39 October p3 - The Law of Sacrifice -- W Scott-Elliot
TrLoL1 y1906 i40 April p3 - Vibrations -- AP Sinnett

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