Theosophical Research Centre Transactions  1931-1968 London

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TRCTra y1909 - The Theosophical Student - In Face of Revelation, Inspiration and Observation (rprnt of 1909 pamphlet) -- Annie Besant
TRCTra y1931 - The Evolution of Man (2nd ed 1937) -- J Emile Marcault and Iwan A Hawliczek
TRCTra y1934 i1 - The Field of Occult Chemistry (Trans I 2nd ed 1954) -- E Lester Smith and V Wallace Slater
TRCTra y1935 i2 - Space and the Cross. Their Symbolism in Cosmos and in Man (Trans II) -- Marguerite Mertens-Stienon
TRCTra y1935 i3 - Corroborations of Occult Archaeology (Trans III) -- G Nevin Drinkwater
TRCTra y1936 i4 - Vital Magnetic Healing (Trans IV) -- Adelaide Gardner
TRCTra y1937 - Space-Time - Its Relation to Man [year not shown - estimated] -- Laurence J Bendit, Phoebe D Bendit, AB Crow, et al
TRCTra y1939 - Some Unrecognised Factors in Medicine (2nd ed 1949) -- LJ Bendit, PD Bendit, HT Edmonds, EA Gardner, MB Bayly
TRCTra y1947 - An Introduction to the Study of Analytical Psychology -- Laurence J Bendit and Phoebe D Bendit
TRCTra y1947 - Group Work -- EL Gardner, Dorothy Ashton Laurence J Bendit
TRCTra y1948 - The Imperishable Body -- EL Gardner
TRCTra y1950 - Cosmic Creation and Atomic Energy -- V Wallace Slater
TRCTra y1951 - This Dynamic Universe - Essays on Fohat (1) -- E Lester Smith, Corona Trew, EL Gardner, J Ransom
TRCTra y1953 - This Ordered Universe - A Study in Universal Law (2) -- VW Slater, Corona Trew (ed), D Ashton, EL Gardner et al
TRCTra y1956 - The Fields of Force - An excursion into Hindu Metaphysics as applied to Biology -- Winifred Duncan
TRCTra y1957 - Man Incarnate - A Study of the Vital Etheric Field -- Phoebe D Bendit and Laurence J Bendit
TRCTra y1958 - The Mystery of Healing (Rev ed 1968) -- MB Bayly, LJ Bendit, PD Bendit, HT Edmunds, A Gardner
TRCTra y1960 - Man's Expanding Horizon (This Purposeful Universe) (3) -- Ed CR Groves and Corona Trew
TRCTra y1965 - A Mind to Embrace the Universe (rprnt 'Theosophist 1960) -- EL Gardner
TRCTra y1968 - Psychism and the Unconscious Mind -- Ed H Tudor Edmunds

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