Theosophical Manuals  (G de Purucker Series) 1930-40, Point Loma, TUP, California

Journal  Volume - Title -- Author

PurMan v1 - What Is Theosophy? A General View for Inquirers -- Charles J Ryan
PurMan v2 - Reincarnation: A Lost Chord in Modern Thought -- Leoline L Wright
PurMan v3 - Karma: The Law of Consequences -- Gertrude W van Pelt
PurMan v4 - The Seven Principles of Man: An Ancient Basis for a New Psychology -- Leoline L Wright
PurMan v5 - After Death -- What? -- Leoline L Wright
PurMan v6 - Evolution -- Henry T Edge
PurMan v7 - Rounds and Races: Our Divine Parentage and Destiny -- Gertrude W van Pelt
PurMan v8 - The Doctrine of Cycles -- Lydia Ross
PurMan v9 - Hierarchies: The Ladder of Life -- Gertrude W van Pelt
PurMan v10 - The Astral Light -- Henry T Edge
PurMan v11 - Psychic Powers -- Helen Savage
PurMan v12 - Theosophy and Christianity -- Henry T Edge
PurMan v13 - Mahatmas and Chelas -- Leoline L Wright
PurMan v14 - The Mystery Schools -- Grace F Knoche
PurMan v15 - Yoga and Yoga Discipline: A Theosophical Interpretation -- Charles J Ryan

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