An Index to Oriental Department Papers - European Section  1891-1894 (incomplete) GRS Mead

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ODPEur y1891 - [John Cooper has seen four issues in this first series 1891-1892] -- [indexer note]
ODPEur y1891 - [John Cooper has seen seven issues in this second series 1893-1894] -- [indexer note]
ODPEur y1891 i1 November p1 - The Garuda-Purana -- MN Dvivedi
ODPEur y1891 i1 November p6 - The Language of Our Temples -- HP Munkherji
ODPEur y1891 i1 November p8 - Yoga Philosophy -- anon
ODPEur i3 p107 - The Samskaras -- MN Dvivedi
ODPEur i5 p1 - An Enquiry into the Principles of Image-Worship -- Babu Aswini Kumar Dutta
ODPEur i5 p11 - The Divine Kural, chpt 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 23 -- AGB
ODPEur i5 p18 - The Dual Man (from Masnawi-i-Manwi, Book 2) -- Rumi; tr by BNS
ODPEur i5 p19 - Supersensuous Planes (or States of Matter and Consciousness) (from Masnawi-i-Manwi, Book 3) -- Rumi; tr by BNS
ODPEur i5 p20 - Self-Purification (from Masnawi-i-Manwi, Book 4) -- Rumi; tr by BNS
ODPEur i5 p21 - Sayings of Kabir -- tr by a member of the Mozufferpur T.S.
ODPEur i5 p25 - Pashupata Yoga in "Lingua Purana" -- PBN
ODPEur i5 p29 - Who Will Protect Us? (Yashna, xlv, 7) -- Nasarvanji F Bilimoria
ODPEur i5 p32 - From the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt -- P Le Page Renouf
ODPEur y1894 i7 p3 - Outlines of the Mahayana as Taught by Buddha -- S Kuroda
ODPEur ix p1 - A Cluster of Twelve Prayers -- Shri Shankaracharya, tr R Jagannathiah
ODPEur ix p13 - Evolution in the Matsya Purana -- P Baijnath
ODPEur ix p16 - Extract from the Bhagavata Purana -- KP Mukerji
ODPEur ix p17 - Extract from the Bhagavad-Gita -- GRSM
ODPEur ix p19 - Some Extracts from the Wisdom of Chuang Tsu -- Chuang Tsu, tr Bernard Quaritch
ODPEur ix p23 - Vedantic Teachers -- VC Lonakar
ODPEur ix p30 - Viveka-Chudamani -- Shri Shankaracharya, Mohini M Chatterji
ODPEur iy p1 - [Title not known - re Karma] (1) -- A Siva Row
ODPEur iy p8 - The Idea of the Man-God -- Nasarvanji F Bilimoria
ODPEur iy p11 - Nirvikara-Srishti-Utpatti or the Evolution of the Changeless Universe -- PH Mehta
ODPEur iy p15 - The Force of Success -- Kali Prasanna Mukherji
ODPEur iy p17 - Evolution in the Linga Purana -- PBN
ODPEur iy p21 - Tantric Philosophy -- Barada Kanta, Majumdar
ODPEur iy p27 - Ishopanishad -- Mlechchha-Vak
ODPEur iy p29 - The East and the West -- [author not known]

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