Holistic Science and Human Values  1992 - continuing, India

Transactions of the Theosophy Science Group

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HScHVa y1992 v1 p1 - Editors' Note -- Editors
HScHVa y1992 v1 p1 - The Evolving Universe -- Hugh Murdoch
HScHVa y1992 v1 p10 - The Emergence of Complexity -- Ervin Laszlo
HScHVa y1992 v1 p21 - The Distinctiveness of the Transpersonal Ecology Approach to Ecophilosophy -- Warwick Fox
HScHVa y1992 v1 p30 - Science and Religion -- P Krishna
HScHVa y1992 v1 p37 - Shifting Assumptions? -- Willis W Harman
HScHVa y1992 v1 p53 - The Meeting Ground of Science and Spirit -- Allan Combs
HScHVa y1992 v1 p62 - Consciousness and Relativity -- Robert Powell
HScHVa y1992 v1 p67 - Educating for Universal Responsibility -- Abelardo Brenos
HScHVa y1992 v1 p75 - Other-Worldly Matters - Carl Sagan in Conversation with JVN -- Jayant V Narlikar
HScHVa y1992 v1 p85 - Recent Research on Near-Death Experiences -- Carl B Becker
HScHVa y1992 v1 p98 - Awareness: Maker of Reality -- Deepak Chopra
HScHVa y1992 v1 p104 - Creativity within a Living World -- Rupert Sheldrake
HScHVa y1992 v1 p122 - The Scientific Method (rprnt 'Theosophical Movement' 1991) -- anon
HScHVa y1992 v1 p127 - About Our Contributors -- anon
HScHVa y1995 v2 p1 - David Bohm - Philosopher-Scientist Extraordinary -- Hugh Murdoch
HScHVa y1995 v2 p9 - The Source of Creation (rprnt 'Cosmic Blueprint') -- Paul Davies
HScHVa y1995 v2 p24 - The Scientific Exploration of Consciousness: Towards an Adequate Epistemology -- Willis Harman
HScHVa y1995 v2 p38 - Science, Creativity and Morality in an Ontogenetic Era (rprnt) -- Denis Kenny
HScHVa y1995 v2 p54 - Evolution of the Human Brain: Creation of the Conscious Self (rprnt 'Int Jl Unity of Sciences' 1990) -- John Eccles
HScHVa y1995 v2 p68 - Neurophysiological Interpretation of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna (rprnt 'Neurology India' 1991) -- Vinod D Deshmukh
HScHVa y1995 v2 p82 - The Wholeness Principle: Science (rprnt 'The Wholeness Principle' 1990) -- Anna F Lemkow
HScHVa y1995 v2 p103 - Ethology and Social Change (rprnt 'Int Jl Unity of Sciences' 1990) -- John Paul Scott
HScHVa y1995 v2 p117 - Our Life-Support Systems (rprnt 'Healing the Planet') -- Paul and Anne Ehrlich
HScHVa y1995 v2 p140 - Technology, Environment and Society -- TN Ananthakrishnan
HScHVa y1995 v2 p144 - Working with the Earth's Electromagnetic Fields (rprnt 'The Power of Place' 1991) -- Elizabeth Rauscher
HScHVa y1995 v2 p150 - Occult Chemistry and Modern Science: A Search for Common Ground -- HJ Arnikar
HScHVa y1995 v2 p161 - review - 'Wrinkles in Time' by George Smoot and Keay Davidson -- Hugh Murdoch
HScHVa y1995 v2 p165 - About Our Contributors -- anon
HScHVa y1997 v3 p1 - The Influence of Religion on Science -- John B Cobb Jr
HScHVa y1997 v3 p36 - Some Reflections on Religion and Anomalies of Consciousness -- K Ramakrishna Rao
HScHVa y1997 v3 p53 - A Question of Epistemology: Reflections on the Harman-Laszlo Dialogue -- Allan Combs, Stanley Krippner, Deryl Howard
HScHVa y1997 v3 p61 - Scientific Thought and Education Towards an Open Society -- KT Selvan
HScHVa y1997 v3 p69 - Has Science been our Greatest Ally? -- Edi D Bilimoria
HScHVa y1997 v3 p82 - Education as Personal-Spiritual Transformation -- Philip Snow Gang, Dorothy J Maver
HScHVa y1997 v3 p97 - The Influence of the Etheric Body on Genetic Order and Plasticity (rprnt 'The Beacon' 1996) -- Claude Besmond
HScHVa y1997 v3 p110 - The Soul of the New Born Child -- Andrew Powell
HScHVa y1997 v3 p119 - A Science of Inner Transformation -- Ravi Ravindra
HScHVa y1997 v3 p127 - Tibetan Buddhist Medicine -- Jan Barmark
HScHVa y1997 v3 p139 - The Way: An Ecological World-View (rprnt 'The Way: ...' 1996) -- Edward Goldsmith
HScHVa y1997 v3 p165 - About our Contributors -- anon
HScHVa y1999 v4 p1 - Moral Criteria on an Endangered Planet -- Ervin Laszlo
HScHVa y1999 v4 p11 - Wisdom Leadership: Leading from the SELF -- SK Chakraborty
HScHVa y1999 v4 p23 - Pre-Incarnation: Veridical Evidence for a Prenatal Mature (Adult) Form of Consciousness -- Jenny Wade
HScHVa y1999 v4 p37 - Science Betrayed: The 'Iron Rule of the Mechanistic Regime' -- JC Poynton
HScHVa y1999 v4 p41 - Divergence and Convergeence of Sciences and Spirituality: Life Science and Spirituality -- Rolf Sattler
HScHVa y1999 v4 p49 - Right Education for the Twenty-First Century -- P Krishna
HScHVa y1999 v4 p65 - Our Philosophy and Modern Physics: A Meeting Point -- Lambodar Prasad Singh
HScHVa y1999 v4 p69 - The Humanness of Physics -- Robert Rathbun Wilson
HScHVa y1999 v4 p80 - The Seven States of Physical Matter -- Stephen M Phillips
HScHVa y1999 v4 p93 - Emotional Intelligence (extracts, 1996) -- Daniel Goleman, extracts and comments by A Kannan
HScHVa y1999 v4 p100 - Models of Reality (excerpts 'The Human Domain' 1997) -- Norman Friedman
HScHVa y1999 v4 p113 - About our contributors -- anon
HScHVa y2001 v5 p1 - Non-Conventional Medicines and Holism -- Rolf Sattler
HScHVa y2001 v5 p16 - Eternal, Ceaseless Motion, the New Paradigm of Science (rprnt - 'Theosophist' 2000) -- NVK Nehru
HScHVa y2001 v5 p24 - Suchness and the Noumenon, in an Allocentric Perspective -- James H Austin
HScHVa y2001 v5 p37 - The Web of Life -- Fritjof Capra
HScHVa y2001 v5 p44 - The Universal Ego -- Alexander King
HScHVa y2001 v5 p60 - The Web of Life: Reconnecting with the Sacred Cosmos (rprnt - 'Visions of Creation' 1995) -- Eileen Conn
HScHVa y2001 v5 p70 - Spiral of Consciousness: Transpersonal Vision of the Evolutionary Process -- Ana Maria Gonzalez Garza
HScHVa y2003 v6 p1 - Holistic Science and the Vision of a Peaceful and Sustainable Society -- Ervin Laszlo
HScHVa y2003 v6 p11 - All Scientists are Marinated in Divinity -- Edi D Bilimoria
HScHVa y2003 v6 p26 - Psychosocial Implications of the Shadow -- Andrew Powell
HScHVa y2003 v6 p43 - The Cosmic in Art, Architecture, and Ecology -- Edward Goldsmith
HScHVa y2003 v6 p54 - Out-of-body Experience in the Context of Holistic Science -- JC Poynton
HScHVa y2003 v6 p61 - Can Humanity Evolve Further? -- Roy Niblett
HScHVa y2003 v6 p68 - Science is Any Effective Means in Man's Quest for Reality -- Roy Katsumi Uenishi
HScHVa y2003 v6 p78 - Sustainability with Human Values: A Holistic Critique of Current Leadership-cum-Motivation Practices -- Debangshu Chakraborty and SK Chakraborty
HScHVa y2003 v6 p111 - About our contributors -- anon
HScHVa y2006 v7 p1 - What Occult Science Affirms, Western Science Confirms - Eventually - Science Now Attests That the Heart Rules the Head -- Edi D Billimoria
HScHVa y2006 v7 p10 - The Scientific Exploration of Consciousness -- Christian de Quincey
HScHVa y2006 v7 p22 - The Mind Beyond the Brain: Recent Experimental Evidence -- Rupert Sheldrake
HScHVa y2006 v7 p29 - Science, Language and Wholeness: Acknowledging the need for translating abstract knowledge into personal experience -- Emilios Bouratinos
HScHVa y2006 v7 p38 - No Limits to Learning -- Desmond Berghofer
HScHVa y2006 v7 p49 - Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality: The Role of Scientific Investigations of Paranormal Phenomena -- M Srinivasan
HScHVa y2006 v7 p60 - To the Dancer Belongs the Universe: Freedom and Bondage of Natural Law [reprint Science and the Sacred 2002] -- Ravi Ravindra

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