Extracts from the Vahan  1891-1904 London, Sarah Corbett

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ExtVah y1891 p1 - (1) The Meaning & Scope of Theosophy - What is Theosophy? -- AB
ExtVah y1891 p7 - Is Theosophy only for the rich, the educated? -- AB
ExtVah y1891 p8 - Is Theosophy only for the rich, the educated? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1891 p198 - Socialism, individual rights, discipleship & the snake of self -- APS
ExtVah y1891 p199 - To live as the angels? a premature Socialism would be a disastrous failure -- AAW (? Arthur A Wells)
ExtVah y1891 p599 - (72) Psychic Faculties - seeing no such possibilities, theosophy will be a source of despair (HPB's problem) -- GRSM
ExtVah y1891 p713 - (89) The Masters of Wisdom - Adepts - Arhats - Mahâtmas - Why do they retain vital knowledge to themselves? -- AB
ExtVah y1891 p714 - Why do they permit the degradation of "their" countries, India, Egypt, Tibet? -- AB
ExtVah y1891 p714 - see p92 of The Occult World by AP Sinnett for a full answer -- ICO
ExtVah y1892 p70 - (8) Instinct & Intuition in Animals - Is the song of a skylark an aspect of Kâma? -- WRO (? Walter R Old)
ExtVah y1894 p640 - (79) Sound - Is there any evidence for its alleged mysterious potency? the efficacy of mantrams -- JCS
ExtVah y1894 p641 - There is some mysterious potency in the force called sound -- ICO
ExtVah y1895 p54 - (6) Analogies to Reincarnation among beings on other planes -- GRSM
ExtVah y1895 p149 - (22) Do actions performed in dreams affect physical plane Karma? -- GRSM, CWL
ExtVah y1895 p150 - The answer must depend on the meanings connoted by the words "action" & "dream" -- AB
ExtVah y1895 p150 - Can the dream-life be controlled? If so, what is the best method? -- CWL
ExtVah y1895 p151 - The dream-life can best be controlled by means adopted during the waking life ... -- AB
ExtVah y1895 p260 - If the Book of Job is an allegory, what clue is there to its meaning? -- C
ExtVah y1895 p331 - Was there an esoteric side to the religion of the Greeks & Egyptians? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1895 p411 - (54) Helping the Dead - Have prayers for the dead any value? -- AB
ExtVah y1895 p431 - (56) Purgatory & Hades & Kâmaloka -- AAW
ExtVah y1895 p432 - Purgatory & Hades & Kâmaloka -- G
ExtVah y1895 p433 - Plato, Proclus, Plotinus & Ficinus on Hades -- GRSM
ExtVah y1895 p518 - (61) The Etheric & Higher Bodies - use of Anaesthetics - the effect of surgery on the etheric body -- IPH, P, GRSM
ExtVah y1895 p519 - How are clairvoyants capable of recognising the etheric double? -- CWL
ExtVah y1895 p519 - The Linga Sharira is not the form which is seen by the clairvoyant ... -- AB
ExtVah y1895 p520 - At the death of the physical body which remaining vehicles are capable of independent manifestation? -- CWL, AB
ExtVah y1895 p586 - Is a theosophist justified in advocating celibacy? -- SMS, AAW
ExtVah y1895 p641 - Does the creative agency responsible for sound pervade all space? -- AB
ExtVah y1895 p642 - Recall the investigations & experiments of Sir Francis Galton upon "Coloured Hearing" -- BK
ExtVah y1895 p643 - There seems to be some confusion of thought here (with respect to sound) -- CWL
ExtVah y1895 p663 - Can not any "change" be regarded as evidence for either the unreality or the reality of appearances? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p10 - Is Theosophy for everyone? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p13 - (3) How ancient are the beliefs of Karma & Reincarnation? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p13 - How many believe in Karma & Reincarnation? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p14 - How many believe in Karma & Reincarnation? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p23 - (4) Method of Reincarnation - When does the soul reincarnate? -- FA
ExtVah y1896 p28 - The number of egos in evolution; the % of "successful" egos? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p43 - (5) The early Church Fathers & references to Reincarnation; Pistis Sophia -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p45 - Origen and references to reincarnation -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p49 - Where do Origen & Synesius write of reincarnation? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p51 - Origen on reincarnation -- G
ExtVah y1896 p56 - Reincarnation & cyclic progression -- P
ExtVah y1896 p56 - There are Analogies to reincarnation on every plane of nature -- C
ExtVah y1896 p57 - The vehicle is not the inhabitant -- AMG (? AM Glass)
ExtVah y1896 p57 - The universality of reincarnation, a fundamental theosophical idea -- ES
ExtVah y1896 p59 - (7) Animals & Reincarnation - Incarnation of Buddha in a tiger? a memory recalled -- GRSM, CJ
ExtVah y1896 p60 - Incarnation of Buddha in a tiger? perhaps only a fairy-tale -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p61 - Karma and animal suffering -- PS
ExtVah y1896 p62 - Quickening of animals through contact with man -- FA
ExtVah y1896 p64 - An animal is capable of making another animal suffer -- IPH (? Ivy Hooper)
ExtVah y1896 p97 - Removing children from cruel parents -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p98 - Interfering with Karma is not possible - the idea is wildly absurd -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p116 - (18) Karma & Heredity - What is & what isn't transmitted from life to life? -- BK, CWL
ExtVah y1896 p117 - The reconciling heredity & karma (heredity as the mechanism of karma) -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p121 - (19) Karma & "Undeserved" Experiences - Why should an accident be impossible? -- G
ExtVah y1896 p173 - How can a person best strengthen a weak will? -- AAW
ExtVah y1896 p188 - (28) Practical Ethics - How is selfishness a greater problem than drunkenness? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p189 - An evil quality is a far more serious matter than an evil action -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p191 - Standards of right & wrong - the necessity for truthfulness in occultism -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p193 - Is a feeling of indifference to the results of our actions possible to us, where others may suffer? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p247 - (36) What is meant by the phrase "Thought Coalescing with an Elemental"? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p248 - To speak of a "Thought coalescing with an elemental" is more a poetic conception than a description -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p253 - (38) What is the actual process of Thought Transference? -- APS
ExtVah y1896 p254 - The actual process in thought transference seems analogous to ordinary physical vision -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p289 - Was there a school for occult training in the early Christian Church? -- G
ExtVah y1896 p337 - The division by Porphyry & other Platonists of the virtues into four classes -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p361 - Did Buddha deny the existence of "soul"? No; that view is due to poor translations -- JCC
ExtVah y1896 p367 - When will the Lord Buddha reincarnate? He won't -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p368 - The Buddha Gautama has said he would not be born again on earth -- CJ
ExtVah y1896 p368 - Did the Buddha eat meat & die from eating it? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p370 - The phrase "Sûkara-maddava" does not mean "dried boar's flesh", the latter being a mistranslation -- JCC
ExtVah y1896 p440 - Is there such a thing as sleep, or periodical rest on the astral plane? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p455 - Sub-planes of the astral plane - Is Kâmaloka a name for a portion or all of the astral plane? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p456 - Kâmaloka has been used in theosophical literature as synonymous for the astral plane -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p459 - Do deceased individuals pass consciously through all of the divisions of the astral plane? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p464 - How does fire affect the etheric double? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p465 - After death, the physical & etheric bodies disintegrate independently -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p496 - (59) Sleep, Trance, Anaesthetics, & Mesmerism - Does the soul always leave the body in sleep? -- AB, CWL
ExtVah y1896 p497 - Does the astral body of an animal leave the physical body during sleep? Is there an analogy for plants? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p498 - animals yes; no observations of such in plants -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p499 - Have the figures seen in dreams any subjective or real existence of their own? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p500 - How does an anaesthetic block the consciousness of pain? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p501 - (the occult action of nitrous oxide is described) -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p510 - In seeing astrally at a great distance without leaving the body, how are the impressions obtained? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p510 - What is it which is seen when one sees ones own double? -- CJ
ExtVah y1896 p523 - Are there different & separable astral bodies? -- CWL, AB
ExtVah y1896 p537 - What is the length of the emanation of the aura of an average man? -- CJ
ExtVah y1896 p542 - (63) The Auric Shell, what is it composed of & how can it best be formed? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p552 - On which plane of the universe are the âkâshic mental images recorded? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p569 - (68) Diet - what are the sattvic, râjasic & tâmasic qualities of food? -- EG
ExtVah y1896 p571 - What are the arguments in favour of vegetarianism? -- LLl, EAB
ExtVah y1896 p572 - What are the arguments in favour of vegetarianism? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p612 - Can the astral body be solidified? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p614 - Does the "cord" exist only in the case of the etheric double? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p624 - Is aerial transportation by occult means possible? (Levitation is by no means an uncommon phenomenon) -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p625 - What is the nature of the force that restores a de-materialised object to its original shape? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p660 - Are the ideas of Mâyâ & Brahman ... to be found among the Greeks? (long Plutarch quote: "On the E at Delphi") -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p705 - (88) The Elemental Essence - How can a clairvoyant distinguish elemental essence from the other particles? -- BK
ExtVah y1896 p706 - The elemental essence is readily distinguishable from the rest ... -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p711 - Is it possible to kill or to destroy elementals of an evil character? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p718 - Do they have the ability to inhabit the same physical body for periods exceeding the span of ordinary life? -- CWL
ExtVah y1896 p760 - Is there any foundation for speaking of the "Path" as a "path of woe"? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p762 - It would seem that it is by no means a "path of woe" -- CJ
ExtVah y1896 p764 - (94) The Spiritual Life - In seeking progress, should we try to become indifferent to the influence of others? -- GRSM, FA
ExtVah y1896 p765 - Is any spiritual progress possible to us before we have reached our ideal of perfection on the lower planes? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1896 p766 - If it be not possible, it appears to me that our chances of progress are small -- IPH
ExtVah y1896 p766 - Any ideal of moral & intellectual perfection could hardly be attained without some spiritual progress -- FA
ExtVah y1896 p774 - Spirituality and morality - what is the difference between them? -- AB
ExtVah y1896 p776 - How far will devotion alone take a person who desires to advance in occultism? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p3 - Is Theosophy an attempt to propagate Buddhism or Brahmanism or Brotherhood? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p16 - Can man be reborn as an animal? - not according to the Upanishads -- JCC
ExtVah y1897 p19 - Karma, Reincarnation & social class -- EG
ExtVah y1897 p20 - Low Egos and advanced Egos; Pitri ancestry, social status -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p21 - Consciousness of virtue - learning by incarnation or by sympathy -- AAW
ExtVah y1897 p30 - What is the source & nature of the upward tendency in Evolution? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p60 - The suffering of animals, & justice -- APS
ExtVah y1897 p64 - Animal suffering & karma -- ES
ExtVah y1897 p66 - The conditions of spiritual progress & animal suffering - suffering is unnecessary for rapid progress -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p74 - Is man responsible for the ferocity & carnivorous habits of wild animals? -- LLl (? Miss L Lloyd)
ExtVah y1897 p75 - The Buddhist reverence for life ... is utterly against Nature -- AAW
ExtVah y1897 p76 - There is scarcely a single conclusion of AAW with which I can agree - vegetarianism & the sacredness of life -- JM
ExtVah y1897 p78 - Looked at more closely, the rule of life rather appears one of reciprocity -- EW
ExtVah y1897 p80 - Vegetarianism & Nature & AAW's views -- GG
ExtVah y1897 p81 - Predation in Nature is just a stupendous fact on the downward arc -- APS
ExtVah y1897 p84 - An exaggerated response to the suffering of others is a decay product of civilisation -- AAW
ExtVah y1897 p102 - (13) Karma & the problem of Atlantean black magic -- APS
ExtVah y1897 p141 - What consolation can Theosophy offer those who prefer a personal deity to an impersonal Law? -- AAW
ExtVah y1897 p178 - How is it that there are people of great intelligence who do not appreciate Theosophy? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p194 - The virtue of the non-receiving of gifts, according to Patanjali -- PS
ExtVah y1897 p196 - a-parigraha - freedom from covetousness - a fundamental qualification for Yoga -- JCC
ExtVah y1897 p250 - (37) Thought & the Brain, their relationship; if the brain is not necessary for thinking, why have one? -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p285 - (44) What was Christ, according to esoteric teaching? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p322 - (47) The Greeks, The Egyptians, and Gnosticism: previous incarnations of theosophical ideas -- GRSM
ExtVah y1897 p352 - Are there any extant moral precepts of Pythagoras other than the incomprehensible ones? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1897 p364 - Was the reported success of some of the Buddha's sermons an exaggeration? a possible explanation -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p389 - Are will & desire synonymous terms, indicating the action of Kâma? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p405 - (53) Insanity - What kind of evil doing in past lives is the karmic cause of insanity? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p408 - Might the cause of insanity, in some instances, be the absence of one grade of matter in the astral body? -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p467 - Can theosophy remove the dread of death when it teaches that we do not meet our friends again as they were? -- SMS (? S Maud Sharpe)
ExtVah y1897 p470 - (birth may be more of a parting from our friends than death is) -- AAW
ExtVah y1897 p471 - "separation & death cannot exist for" those who have ... -- EG
ExtVah y1897 p493 - The after death life of the materialist, acc to HPB, some clarification -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p498 - Is karma the cause of our forgetting the astral experiences we have during sleep? -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p521 - Changes in form of the etheric double are routine -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p521 - Does the etheric double sometimes leave the body? (the dangers of long term mediumship) -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p524 - What exactly is the Châyâ? its composition & function -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p525 - Is the fluidic body of were-wolves & vampires always an astral body? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p534 - (62) The Aura - auric colours & corresponding qualities, (an important list) -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p539 - What is the nature of the tiny dice, stars, & double pyramids which I see pouring out of human skin? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p541 - What are these animated particles dashing about in the air before me? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p543 - Is the auric shell always an advantage or could it make one unsympathetic to others? -- SMS
ExtVah y1897 p547 - (64) The Akashic Records - their location, duration, arrangement & access -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p553 - How does one date âkâshic record images? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p590 - Might a dead person feel a sensation of burning while his body is being cremated? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p596 - (71) What is the effect of Hashish upon (1) mental development, (2) memory -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p596 - (3) states of consciousness, (4) real progress, (5) recollection of previous lives? -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p607 - In cases of so-called "spirit control", can two astral bodies occupy one physical body at the same time? -- AMG
ExtVah y1897 p608 - Why should mediumship be injurious to health? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p618 - Is there any astronomical basis for thinking an astrological conjunction will yield disastrous effects? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p622 - Which Occult Science should we study first? None, is the answer -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p627 - (76) Is the eighth sphere identical with Avîchi (Avitchi) or hell? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p634 - (78) The Moon & Vegetation - Does the Moon influence vegetation? (see the Theosophist Oct 1888 p59) -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p637 - What conclusions did the Trinidad committee of 1888 (on the Moon & vegetation) come to? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p671 - (84) Races - How are physical differences produced in a new root-race? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p673 - What representatives are now left on earth of the different sub-races of the 4th root-race? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p675 - Are there any definite characteristics by which examples of the different root-races may be distinguished? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p677 - To what root-race & sub-race do the Japanese belong? (7th sub-race of the 4th root-race) -- AB
ExtVah y1897 p682 - (85) Mânasaputras - What does this term mean? ("Son of mind") -- BK
ExtVah y1897 p683 - Yes, the references in the SD to Mânasaputras are contradictory & confusing -- AMG
ExtVah y1897 p686 - (86) The Planetary Chain - Why have some chains three planets on the physical while others have only one? -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p688 - Are globes B & F the astral plane, and A & G the devachanic plane? (No) -- CWL
ExtVah y1897 p695 - The functions of the Three Logoi in the evolution of humanity & their correspondence to the Christian Trinity -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p27 - Reincarnation & gender - the law of sex - birth as man or woman -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p112 - (17) Karma & Liberation - all karma binds -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p113 - Why is any karma delayed? Why do not effects immediately follow causes? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p122 - Is it possible that we are not the cause of some of our suffering? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p135 - The vicarious suffering of Christ - how is it to be understood? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p146 - (21) What of the Karma of Selfishness? How is selfishness punished by karma? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p147 - Why do our actual conditions not appear to depend on our actions in past lives? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p153 - (23) Karma & Free-Will - What relation does free-will bear to a man's karma? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p154 - The view of Bardaisan the Gnostic on Free-will, Fate & Nature -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p166 - (26) Personal Questions - Annihilation seemed preferable to further suffering -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p176 - (27) Stages of Progress - the tendency is always towards equilibrium -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p177 - Can great faculty suddenly spring up between one life & the next? -- EG, AAW
ExtVah y1898 p236 - (34) Thought-Forms - elemental essence - self-consciousness of elementals -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p261 - Why did initiation into the Mysteries usually take place in a cave or subterranean building? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p263 - (41) Speaking with Tongues - Undisciplined enthusiasm - glossolalia - 1 Corinthians 14:2 -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p286 - What is the fundamental Creed of Christendom? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p287 - What does theosophy teach about "the Christ spirit"? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p295 - What is the origin of the Catholic doctrine of the Real Presence in the bread & wine? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p297 - What is the occult meaning of the Holy Communion & other Sacraments? Five points -- AB
ExtVah y1898 p303 - (45) King Solomon & his temple, real or mythical? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p308 - The allegory of the sheepfold - "all that ever came before me are thieves & robbers" -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p309 - What interpretation does Theosophy put on the healing of the palsied man? - Mark 2:5, 10 -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p339 - Does Plato teach the theory of metempsychosis? (Phaedrus 249B) -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p343 - Why did Plato express himself so ambiguously that even his followers were confused? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p351 - Pythagoras and the pairs of opposites - the union of the square & the oblong -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p356 - (48) The Rosicrucians - historical evidence of their origins -- ICO
ExtVah y1898 p358 - (49) Buddha & Buddhism - Why is Buddhism spoken of by scholars as agnostic & negative? -- JCC
ExtVah y1898 p372 - Buddha - his desertion of his wife & child in search of spiritual enlightenment & the nature of duty -- JCC
ExtVah y1898 p373 - Separation from father, mother, wife & children - Luke 14:25, 26 & the Pistis Sophia -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p377 - Buddha's desertion of wife & child - what self-sacrifice does a man own to his inferiors? -- AAW
ExtVah y1898 p406 - Are those who die as lunatics still insane upon the astral plane after death? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p427 - Three varieties of Materialisation & the obscure phenomenon of repercussion -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p436 - (57) Life after Death, positive proof & sufficient evidence, arguments for & logical demonstration -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p439 - The shape of the astral body, before & after death -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p443 - The killing out of desires & impurities on the astral plane -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p444 - Desire after death - How is it possible to have a desire for food with no physical body? -- AJR
ExtVah y1898 p444 - Desire does not originate in the physical body - it originates in the astral body -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p446 - A case of strong hate & weak love: the power of will in materialisation -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p453 - The power of disembodied spirits to perceive, interact with, and utilise portions of the physical plane -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p461 - Sudden death by accident - where do they go? (The sub-planes of the astral plane) -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p473 - (58) Devachan: What is the meaning & derivation of the word? -- VM
ExtVah y1898 p486 - Would an arûpa devanchee be conscious of the rûpa levels? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p487 - Is an Ego at any time during the period in Devachan conscious of the nature of its next earth-life? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p489 - No definite number of earth-lives is arbitrarily fixed through which an entity must pass; but ... -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p491 - (a further question anent the renunciation of Devachan) -- MS
ExtVah y1898 p491 - a reply to MS - there is a rare exception -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p511 - Is sight developed in the etheric double apart from the dense body? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p513 - What is the difference between etheric & astral sight? -- BHS
ExtVah y1898 p525 - Are there organs in the astral body corresponding to those in the physical? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p531 - Do the mental & causal bodies, when on their corresponding planes, retain any semblance of the human form? -- AB
ExtVah y1898 p532 - Is not the causal body simply a vehicle for the Ego? (Learn the functions first) -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p545 - Doesn't an auric shell hinder ones sympathy? -- AB
ExtVah y1898 p562 - (66) Is there anything occult or mystical in the religion of the sect known as the Shakers? -- AMG
ExtVah y1898 p570 - How is it that theosophists recommend vegetarianism but Christ ate fish (Luke 24:42, 43)? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p591 - Wouldn't burial assist the evolution of worms more than would cremation? -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p602 - Dangers of the astral plane - what is the best way to avoid slipping into the astral world? -- AB
ExtVah y1898 p616 - (75) The Occult Arts - what is the attitude of members of the TS to astrology? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p678 - What influences the race or nation into which a man is born? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p689 - What would be the distinguishing characteristics of a "Fifth Rounder" living at the present time? -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p719 - Do the saints of the Roman Catholic Church hear the prayers addressed to them? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p723 - Does a Master put on the limitations of the physical brain when he descends to work on the physical plane? -- CWL
ExtVah y1898 p729 - What is & where is the missing evidence which connects the TS & the Masters? -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p737 - How can the Lunar Pitris lacking a causal body be considered individuals? -- BK
ExtVah y1898 p740 - (91) The Augoeides - What is it? (a note on some vehicles of the soul) -- GRSM
ExtVah y1898 p773 - Knowledge & wisdom - what is the difference between them? -- AB
ExtVah y1899 p5 - How does Theosophy differ from the Vedanta philosophy? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p11 - (2) Is the The Secret Doctrine an "inspired" work? (rprnt) -- AB
ExtVah y1899 p35 - Practically immediate reincarnation, or within a few hours? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p73 - (9) Carnivorous Animals & Atlantis & the Lower Eocene -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p85 - (10) The Future of Animals - the continuity of identical consciousness after death -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p86 - Does my deceased pet remember me? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p86 - Quickening of animals through domestic contact with man -- BK
ExtVah y1899 p90 - Being an innocent victim is preferable to being Inflicted with the capacity for harm deserving reprisal -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p91 - Se poser en victime: a serious attraction -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p94 - (12) "Interfering" with Karma & justice - paying a spendthrifts debts -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p110 - (16) Quickening of Karma in the life of a disciple - Are bad side effects possible? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p129 - (20) Is Vicarious Atonement the Transference of Karma? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p130 - Can one bear another's burden? -- OC (? Oliver Firth; Otway Cuffe
ExtVah y1899 p132 - Vicarious suffering & the doctrine of the Atonement? -- SMS
ExtVah y1899 p133 - Fresh strength as an aid to persist & to endure -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p137 - Is there any forgiveness of sins? What does "forgive" mean? -- SMS
ExtVah y1899 p139 - Are there any sins to forgive? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p181 - Why evolve? Why are we not made perfect? Why suffering & distress? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p183 - Why are we not made perfect? Why is evolution so slow & painful? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p185 - Methods of evolution to suit the evolving beings (a reply to CWL & AAW) -- ML
ExtVah y1899 p249 - The birth of new artificial elementals & the strengthening of old ones -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p255 - (39) Is hypnotic Suggestion an appropriate cure of drunkenness, kleptomania, & similar proclivities? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p260 - (40) Symbolism - What was the meaning of Medusa's Head? -- IH (? Ivy Hooper)
ExtVah y1899 p268 - (42) The Date of Jesus - BC 105 - 1 Corinthians 15:6, 8 -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p271 - The Papias fragments in Eusebius (from 140 AD), & the chronology of Jesus -- AJR
ExtVah y1899 p272 - The Fragments of Papias, from the now lost five books of Papias -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p274 - The writings of Irenaeus & the birth year of Jesus ... further difficulties -- ELZR
ExtVah y1899 p277 - The views of those (such as Gerald Massey) who have contended that Jesus never existed -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p280 - I return to the questions raised by ELZR (GRSM relates an occult tale of Polycarpus, likely from CWL or AB) -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p283 - (43) The Essenes, whence their traditions? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p285 - (44) Esoteric Christianity - What, according to esoteric teaching, was the death of Jesus of Nazareth? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p307 - What is the explanation of "the sign of the prophet Jonas" in Matthew 12:38, 39, 40? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p316 - The origin of evil, as found in Isaiah 45:6, 7 - the dualism of good & evil -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p324 - Did the Gnostic teaching include or preclude the presence in man's nature of both the Divine & human? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p327 - The vesture of light with which Jesus was clothed as described in the Pistis Sophia -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p381 - (50) Conversion - What is its value in relation to treading the Path, or becoming an Adept? -- SMS
ExtVah y1899 p383 - Which kind of "conversion" is meant? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p386 - (a technical question on the "blankness" felt between "sensations") -- SMS
ExtVah y1899 p412 - Can recipients of helpful thoughts identify the sender? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p412 - How can we help those who have left us? Is prayer to God for them of any use? -- OC
ExtVah y1899 p417 - (55) The nature of & qualifications for work on the Astral Plane during sleep - anyone who can think can help -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p424 - Are orthodox Christians permitted to become invisible helpers & be conscious of so doing? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p465 - Death & parting from friends, & the illusion of Devachan, is there any hope of meeting again? -- APS
ExtVah y1899 p474 - What re-awakens the desire for rebirth in the soul in Devachan? -- BK
ExtVah y1899 p475 - The manner & nature of the exit from Devachan (a comic misconception of the life of the heavenworld) -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p476 - (the restorative properties of English & French dinners compared - & Devachan) -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p483 - Are there any alternate states in Devachan corresponding to our sleeping & waking? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p508 - Can a trained clairvoyant see the mental picture formed by another person? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p508 - Does a trained clairvoyant see the thoughts of another in colour? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p513 - Is there any good use to which ordinary untrained clairvoyants can put their powers? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p528 - Why is the interpenetration of astral bodies possible? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p528 - The standard arrangement of the particles in the astral body -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p529 - The senses are merely avenues of perfection, machinery for producing perceptions -- APS
ExtVah y1899 p530 - All the separated or differentiated senses belong to the astral, not the mental, body -- BK
ExtVah y1899 p530 - What is the form of the mental body on its own plane? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p536 - Why did a partial aura appear to four observers? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p556 - The Passion of Christ - never real, physical or historical -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p565 - (67) Pirit, a Ceylon Buddhist religious ceremony -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p574 - What diet will favour a healthy astral body? -- APS
ExtVah y1899 p575 - What diet will favour a healthy astral body? -- KB
ExtVah y1899 p576 - What diet will favour a healthy astral body? -- WHT, CWL
ExtVah y1899 p583 - (69) Asceticism; Celibacy - Is the practice of either of assistance in the progress of a student of occultism -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p584 - Is ascetic life necessary at any stage of a man's upward progress? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p593 - Cremation vs embalming - could the latter affect the astral body? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p623 - Is it possible to avert any future calamity or misfortune indicated by Palmistry or Astrology? -- APS
ExtVah y1899 p648 - (81) Over-production in Nature - What is the karmic cause of the premature deaths in infancy & childhood? -- APS
ExtVah y1899 p649 - National karma - I fancy many of these premature deaths are simply "failures of Nature" -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p649 - Why is Nature so prodigious? Does theosophy offer any explanation? -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p652 - The relevant truth to illuminate this question is the distinction between Life & Form -- BK
ExtVah y1899 p654 - Will AAW explain more fully "the blind elemental within us ... a tempter ..."? -- MEG
ExtVah y1899 p654 - In reply I refer to Lucifer v17 p53, B Keightley's paper -- AAW
ExtVah y1899 p703 - Self-sacrifice & the Logos - If there is nothing other than the Logos, for whom does he sacrifice himself? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1899 p708 - What is the relationship between elemental & monadic essence? -- BK
ExtVah y1899 p709 - The questioner should study his Manuals (V & VI) more carefully -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p718 - Is it permitted to talk with the Masters in loving familiarity about trivial trials & temptations, all day? -- CWL
ExtVah y1899 p778 - No teaching can give one a royal road to the heights of adeptship - sustained & earnest effort is necessary -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p25 - Wasted Incarnations - the responsibility of parents for children -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p29 - Sexual reproduction is limited to a passing evolutionary phase -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p88 - (11) Karma & Sin - heredity & temptation - pleasure & necessity -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p106 - (15) The long postponement of some karma -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p107 - Karma - indebted to each other or indebted only to the Law? -- JM
ExtVah y1900 p108 - reply to JM on karma -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p118 - Harmonising the heredity of character with the theory of reincarnation -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p143 - Bearing the heavy collective karma of the world - What does this phrase mean? -- JvM
ExtVah y1900 p144 - Karma & Vicarious Atonement -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p180 - Is murder, or any so-called heinous crime, proof positive of an undeveloped soul? -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p209 - (30) Euthanasia & suicide for Incurable Disease, Distress, & Deformity? -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p211 - Euthanasia for Incurable Disease, Distress, & Deformity? -- AMFC
ExtVah y1900 p212 - reply to AMFC -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p214 - reply to AMFC -- AHW
ExtVah y1900 p216 - reply to AMFC -- ES
ExtVah y1900 p218 - (1) Is it right to kill a suffering animal? (2) Does suicide save the situation? -- MEG
ExtVah y1900 p219 - The morality of sacrificing another's life to spare him some pain -- DG
ExtVah y1900 p221 - reply to APS, AHW & ES re suicide & Euthanasia, heroism & duty -- AMFC
ExtVah y1900 p227 - (32) Decision of Purpose - Strength of character & selfishness -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p229 - (33) Concentration - What is the best method of cultivating its power? - visualisation -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p234 - Is injury by thought possible? -- AHW
ExtVah y1900 p260 - Why should a cow be regarded in the old religions as a sacred animal? -- IH
ExtVah y1900 p266 - The Initiation of Pentecost, knowing all languages, mind on the arûpa levels? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p305 - (46) Theosophical Interpretation of Bible Passages - The Parable of the Prodigal son -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p311 - The last judgement - Matthew 25:41 - a mechanical, unethical, discordant, alien relic of a primitive religion -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p314 - The Gnostics & the order of Melchizedec -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p326 - What is the significance of the Magdalene out of whom seven devils were cast? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p329 - The inner Pythagorean Schools & the Rule of Silence -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p331 - Did the Neoplatonic Schools also have this rule of silence? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p333 - What is known of the "Eastern School" referred to by Clement of Alexandria? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p334 - Was Râja Yoga studied by the Christians of the Alexandrian School (St Clement, Origen, etc)? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p335 - The name "theosophy" dates from the 3rd century, beginning with Ammonius Saccas - classical references given -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p387 - Properly correlating planes (physical, astral) with states of consciousness (waking, dreaming) -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p403 - The Purpose of evolution - the aim of the Ego's striving -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p414 - Can one do anything to help a person who is about to die, & how? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p416 - Can prayers & good thoughts for a suicide help? Assuredly he may be helped by strong & earnest thought -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p426 - Immanent death, heeded & unheeded warnings, & karma -- IH
ExtVah y1900 p445 - How does it benefit a man to pass into the hells on the lower astral plane? -- EL
ExtVah y1900 p460 - Can we avoid confinement to one sub-plane of the astral after death? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p479 - How can life in Devachan be more real than physical life when all that one has are images of ones friends? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p482 - Why are periods spent in Devachan so enormously long? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p483 - Is one still conscious of evil in Devachan? -- JvM
ExtVah y1900 p485 - Our querist has confounded the feeling of bliss, & the mind's conception of bliss -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p504 - (60) Clairvoyance - Can the Ego "see & hear"? -- ABC
ExtVah y1900 p505 - How is clairvoyance to be developed? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p509 - Would a clairvoyant on the astral plane be deceived by a thought-form picture of a person? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p537 - Is aural luminosity proportional to power or to that portion of the total power which is unselfish? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p538 - Do the language & subject of a book make a difference to its aura? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p555 - Is it possible to obtain an answer from a figure in an âkâshic image? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p559 - (65) The Religion of the Aruntas of Central Australia -- IH
ExtVah y1900 p600 - Psychic powers - whether 'tis better to awaken them artificially or naturally -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p601 - Cultivate the moral first, let the psychic develop naturally, why? -- BK
ExtVah y1900 p605 - (73) Spiritualistic Séances - what accounts for the appearance of infants at séances? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p606 - What is the "direct voice" heard at spiritualistic séances? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p611 - (74) Materialisation - Why does a medium lose physical weight if only etheric material is borrowed? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p611 - What are the limits to the process of materialisation? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p662 - Man, an image of the universe - How can "Universe, systems, planets, globes" all be contained within us? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p664 - The terrible mystery of evil has never been fully revealed -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p668 - What do the Hindus mean by their peculiar references to the size of the Self? -- BK
ExtVah y1900 p669 - The size of the Self - this is certainly not an easy problem -- JCC
ExtVah y1900 p676 - Is not the Slav the 6th sub-race? (No, it isn't) -- WSE
ExtVah y1900 p677 - To what root-race & what sub-race do the African negroes belong? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p686 - Monadic essence - How could the elemental & mineral kingdoms exist on the higher globes of the chain? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p701 - Are not all three Logoi present & active in different degrees in each life-wave? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p734 - (90) The Lunar Pitris - Five questions -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p756 - (93) Why is suffering always assumed to be so much more beneficial to individual perfection than happiness? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1900 p762 - Is it necessary for all disciples to become "crucibles" wherein mischievous energies are reworked? -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p765 - How can an aspirant best attract the attention of a Master? (it isn't necessary to do this) -- CWL
ExtVah y1900 p766 - Will a fully developed manas mean less or more evil in man? -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p768 - What am I to understand by the term "spirituality"? How does it relate to character? -- APS
ExtVah y1900 p769 - Theosophists use the word spirituality with a very distinct & well defined meaning -- AAW
ExtVah y1900 p770 - The word spiritual denotes the working of the Divine Creative Energy -- AHW
ExtVah y1900 p771 - How are we to get wisdom? What is the best way? books? -- BK
ExtVah y1900 p772 - There is strictly no answer to this question -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p24 - The Divine and the animal in varying degrees in infancy -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p26 - Will memory guide us to a knowledge of our Dharma? -- APS, EL
ExtVah y1901 p27 - Will memory guide us to a knowledge of our Dharma? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p28 - The extreme limits of reincarnation -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p104 - (14) The Karma of Races - the enslavement & oppression of the Haitians -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p156 - (24) How can you reconcile prevision with free-will? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p157 - There is no conflict between free-will and prevision -- A.
ExtVah y1901 p162 - (25) Prayer - When our better knowledge of the Truth brings no strength against temptation -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p170 - (relief sought from an evil habit of long duration & great strength) -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p201 - A lesson in discrimination - to work for others or to develop one's own powers? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p203 - Brotherhood - I cannot accede to the first "Object" of the Society; I believe in rank, station & caste -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p204 - Is complete abnegation of self a practicable or desirable goal for everyone? -- APS, GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p206 - (29) Destruction of Animal Life - What is the attitude of theosophy towards forms of life that are harmful? -- MP
ExtVah y1901 p207 - Tigers & venomous snakes -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p223 - (31) Responsibility for one's Vehicles - appendages of the soul: the view of Isidorus -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p224 - The training of the will in the vehicles, each of which has a will of its own -- BK
ExtVah y1901 p318 - Are the dark sayings of Matthew 10:34, 35 and 19:11, 12 & Luke 14:26 authentic teachings? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p360 - Does Buddhism admit a permanent reincarnating something? -- APS
ExtVah y1901 p385 - (51) States of Consciousness - What is cosmic consciousness in theosophical terms? -- ALBH
ExtVah y1901 p422 - How can we & should we benefit others on the astral plane? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p445 - The astral plane is a world of effects not of causes: APS vs CWL - no real disagreement -- APS
ExtVah y1901 p448 - When, during the cycle of reincarnation, do we advance? If spirits can't be helped, why try? -- KB
ExtVah y1901 p448 - The life of infants after death -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p451 - an addition to AAW's reply -- FA
ExtVah y1901 p452 - an afterword to my old friend FA -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p477 - What is the nature & extent of the "devachanic delusion"? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p500 - When the soul is free of the body, does the body carry on its usual functions? -- APS
ExtVah y1901 p555 - What is Memory? -- APS
ExtVah y1901 p577 - How does the use of meat, wine & tobacco hinder the ability to work effectively on the astral sub-planes? -- APS, MCL, FMMR
ExtVah y1901 p579 - (as for p577) -- MEG
ExtVah y1901 p580 - (as for p577) -- SMS
ExtVah y1901 p589 - (70) Cremation - Is there not a danger? -- EAB, EL
ExtVah y1901 p603 - What linkage or correlation is there between spirituality & psychic powers? -- WSE
ExtVah y1901 p605 - Does Divine wisdom admit of exceptional cases of infant spirit development in the "other world"? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p645 - (80) Twin Souls - What is the underlying truth? -- GRSM, AW
ExtVah y1901 p646 - Perhaps twin souls date from a Greek myth of an androgyne race -- EL, ALBH
ExtVah y1901 p659 - If the First-Cause is all-wise, how can there be any evil at any subsequent stage? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p665 - If there is no Devil, how account for the frequent allusions by Christ & Buddha to such an individuality? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p689 - Which planet is referred to by the word Mercury in the SD? -- WSE
ExtVah y1901 p692 - (87) The Logoi - What is the difference between the Blessed Lord of the Gîtâ & the Absolute, the Unmanifest? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p721 - May we not offer Jesus our special gratitude & love? -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p725 - Why does it happen that one frequently fails to obtain a reply from a Master? -- R
ExtVah y1901 p726 - When the Masters do answer or appeal, it is seldom in a way comprehensible to our physical brain -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p728 - query to AAW -- ARO
ExtVah y1901 p728 - reply to ARO -- AAW
ExtVah y1901 p775 - The reconciliation of two teachings - "by no deed soever" versus "according to deeds" -- GRSM
ExtVah y1901 p779 - Rapid progress is "normal" for some Egos -- EAB
ExtVah y1902 p37 - Reincarnation & the mystery of our first birth, our first life -- APS
ExtVah y1902 p40 - The mystery of the beginning, of the manifestation of anything -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p124 - Can CWL explain undeserved suffering? (See Q29, p68) -- SS
ExtVah y1902 p124 - There must be a commencement to each chain of karmic causation -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p127 - Unwise aid - The combined karmic results of a mistaken action & a good intention -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p154 - Free-will vs predetermination -- AHW
ExtVah y1902 p155 - There is no solution to Free-will vs determination as long as either is regarded as absolute -- GRSM, SC (? Sarah Corbett)
ExtVah y1902 p168 - What is the cause of my fits of great depression? -- ABC, EL
ExtVah y1902 p169 - (depressed? - see a doctor) -- AHW
ExtVah y1902 p190 - Untruth, is it ever helpful, advisable or necessary? -- AHW
ExtVah y1902 p237 - Confusion over thought-forms & astral vibrations -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p240 - How can Christian Science heal with thought? -- MAS
ExtVah y1902 p241 - reply to MAS -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p243 - (35) Does utterance, expression, or action, (or acting out) intensify or weaken Thought? -- AAW
ExtVah y1902 p244 - Does action exhaust thought? -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p256 - Can the exterior aid (of hypnotism for example) yield interior powers? -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p288 - The purpose of the use of Latin in Roman Catholic Churches -- AB
ExtVah y1902 p291 - How can we obtain a diagram of the heavenly man, & letters of the ancient name? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p299 - What is the true meaning and value of confession & absolution? -- AAW
ExtVah y1902 p301 - The true value of confession is that it implies a recognition & renunciation of error -- EL
ExtVah y1902 p391 - The origin, nature & location of a "centre of consciousness" -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p392 - What is meant by "sinking into unconsciousness"? Isn't the Ego always conscious somewhere? -- BK
ExtVah y1902 p398 - a reply to BK, who confuses consciousness with self-consciousness -- ESG
ExtVah y1902 p402 - (52) Extinction of Consciousness - What is implied by the term "Conditionally Immortal"? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p402 - The conditional immortality of the personality (chpt 9, p160, HPB's Ktt) -- SC
ExtVah y1902 p421 - What is the nature of the force which propels the astral body? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p421 - Can astral bodies be smashed by collision, or injured by an accident analogous to a physical plane accident? -- EL
ExtVah y1902 p423 - Is there any system by which distinct consciousness of astral work can be developed? (an exercise is given) -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p424 - How can one assure oneself of the actuality of ones astral work? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p425 - Is utter fearlessness absolutely necessary for work on the astral plane? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p425 - Does the dreaming of ordinary events interfere at all with astral work? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p441 - The difficulties of drunkards on the astral plane -- GRSM, AAW
ExtVah y1902 p481 - The Ego makes considerable progress as soon as he has begun to realise anything of his higher possibilities -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p502 - How does Mesmerism affect the physical body, the etheric double, & prâna? -- APS
ExtVah y1902 p506 - Proof of Clairvoyant powers - Why do not clairvoyants of the TS make an effort to provide proof? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p507 - Is it wrong to use one's clairvoyance as a means of livelihood? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p546 - By what methods can one prevent thoughts from entering the brain? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p610 - Is it wise to make the experiment of joining in spiritualistic investigations? -- EAB
ExtVah y1902 p655 - (82) Dogmatism - a natural limit to teaching theosophy -- AAW
ExtVah y1902 p656 - Belief & knowledge & formal dogmas -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p658 - (83) The Meaning of Limitation - Why sorrow & suffering for millions of ages? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p680 - What is the reason for difference of colour in races? -- FA
ExtVah y1902 p692 - How far down the scale of being can a spiritual entity be spoken of as a Logos? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p710 - On disintegration of a thought-form. does the elemental essence retain any of the colouring? -- CWL
ExtVah y1902 p736 - Some more questions about lunar Pitris -- APS
ExtVah y1902 p746 - (92) "He Who neither Loveth nor Hateth" or "Thou shalt love one another" - the mysteries of evil again -- GRSM
ExtVah y1902 p749 - There is perhaps still another way of reconciling the difficulty -- AHW
ExtVah y1902 p750 - The love meant here can only be the "love of the one", which is never free from selfishness -- RB
ExtVah y1902 p752 - Why try to fit the Gîtâ & the Christian Scriptures with each other? -- EL
ExtVah y1902 p752 - to pretend to an expression of universal love before understanding what it means -- AW
ExtVah y1902 p753 - The Gîtâ passage can be better translated "He who neither exalteth nor hateth" -- GLS
ExtVah y1902 p754 - further elucidation on the view of Krishna & Christ, & the mystic relation of whole to part -- FSPT
ExtVah y1902 p757 - Does suffering always assist evolution, or can extreme suffering injure the Ego or causal body? -- AHW
ExtVah y1902 p758 - Suffering must always help in the evolution of the Ego -- EAB
ExtVah y1902 p759 - Suffering cannot "injure" the Ego in any way -- BK
ExtVah y1903 p31 - Does the individual "pass through every experience"? What incarnates? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1903 p33 - Do we really pass "through every experience"? that would be a hard fate -- ARO
ExtVah y1903 p33 - Heredity, an instrument of the Good Law, implements Karma -- AAW
ExtVah y1903 p34 - Therefore, justice & mercy are identical -- AHW
ExtVah y1903 p71 - Does Buddhi replace Manas in animals? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1903 p72 - More on Buddhi in animals & man -- AHW, SC
ExtVah y1903 p95 - Is all suffering karmic, i.e. necessary? -- APS
ExtVah y1903 p95 - The conquering or enduring or understanding of suffering -- BK
ExtVah y1903 p98 - Can aid to victims interfere with Karma? - the alleviation of collective karma -- BK
ExtVah y1903 p157 - On what plane does man's will start? -- AAW
ExtVah y1903 p159 - The nature of man's free will - what is it to be free? -- SC
ExtVah y1903 p160 - If free-will were the power of self-restraint ... -- AHW
ExtVah y1903 p230 - How can Knowledge be a state of passivity? -- SC
ExtVah y1903 p231 - What is meant by "mastery over thought" & "voluntary attention"? -- SC
ExtVah y1903 p293 - Are the Christian Gospels historical narratives or allegories? -- AAW
ExtVah y1903 p390 - Willing, energising, desiring ... consciousness of -- SC
ExtVah y1903 p407 - What is the theosophical theory representing insanity? -- GRSM
ExtVah y1903 p516 - Why are not all clairvoyants at one with theosophists as to the doctrine of reincarnation? -- APS
ExtVah y1903 p632 - (77) Premature death - Why do we die prematurely? concerning pain, disease & evil -- SC, IH
ExtVah y1903 p715 - Is evidence for the existence of Masters conclusive? (see Matthew 12:39, 16:4; Mark 8:12, Luke 11:29) -- AAW
ExtVah y1903 p779 - The Great Renunciation - what is the meaning of this phrase? With no self, how can there be any self-denial? -- BK
ExtVah y1904 p581 - (as for p577) (last entry here from the book titled "Excerpts from The Vahan" by Sarah Corbett) -- Editor

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