Branch Work Papers  USA 1890-1894

from M Gomes book on 19th Century TS literature

Journal  Year  Issue  Month - Title -- Author

BrWUSA y1890 i1 June - The 2nd & 3rd Objects of the Theosophical Society as related to the 1st -- Bertram Keightley
BrWUSA y1890 i2 - missing --
BrWUSA y1890 i3 - missing --
BrWUSA y1890 i4 - missing --
BrWUSA y1890 i5 August - The Self is the Friend of Self & also Its Enemy -- William Quan Judge
BrWUSA y1890 i6 - missing --
BrWUSA y1890 i7 October - Evolution & Involution -- EB Hooper
BrWUSA y1890 i8 November - Theosophical Study & Work -- William Quan Judge
BrWUSA y1890 i9 December - Light & Life -- Jirah Dewey Buck
BrWUSA y1890 i10 December - A Warrant for the Study of Occultism Found in the New Testament -- Alex. W Goodrich
BrWUSA y1891 i11 January - The Influence of Theosophy -- James H Connelly
BrWUSA y1891 i12 February - missing --
BrWUSA y1891 i13 March - Theosophy in its Practical Application to Daily Life -- Alexander Fullerton
BrWUSA y1891 i14 April - A Practical View of Karma -- MJ Barnett
BrWUSA y1891 i15 May - Jesus the Initiate -- Veronica M Beane
BrWUSA y1891 i16 May - Instinct, Intellect, & Intuition, & The Extension of the Theosophic Movement -- James Morgan Pryse
BrWUSA y1891 i17 June - In What Sense is Universal Brotherhood Possible? -- Mercie M Thirds
BrWUSA y1891 i18 - missing --
BrWUSA y1891 i19 July - Mystical California -- John M Pryse
BrWUSA y1891 i20 August - Krishna, the Christ -- anon?
BrWUSA y1891 i21 October - A Theosophical View of Woman -- Mercie M Thirds
BrWUSA y1891 i22 December - Fragments on the Astral Light -- George P Keeney
BrWUSA y1892 i23 January - The Relative Place & Importance of Action & Contemplation in the Theosophic Life -- anon?
BrWUSA y1892 i24 February - Earth, An Academy -- Alexander Fullerton
BrWUSA y1892 i25 March - The Theosophical Idea of Immortality -- anon?
BrWUSA y1892 i26 August - A Theosophical Chat (1) -- Henry T Patterson
BrWUSA y1892 i27 - missing --
BrWUSA y1892 i28 November - A Theosophical Chat (2) -- Henry T Patterson
BrWUSA y1892 i29 December - Theosophy & Christianity -- WE Copeland
BrWUSA y1893 i30 January - Theosophy as a Religion -- Ursula N Gestefeld
BrWUSA y1893 i31 February - Mediatorship & Mediumship Theosophically Considered -- Edgar A. Edwards
BrWUSA y1893 i32 - missing --
BrWUSA y1893 i33 - missing --
BrWUSA y1893 i34 August - Concentration -- Alexander Fullerton
BrWUSA y1893 i35 - missing --
BrWUSA y1893 i36 October - Religion, Science, Philosophy, Theosophy -- Henry T Patterson
BrWUSA y1893 i37 November - Evolution, Agnosticism & Theosophy -- William Main
BrWUSA y1893 i38 December - The Three Postulates of the Secret Doctrine -- WAR Tenney
BrWUSA y1894 i39 February - Vibrations -- James H Connelly
BrWUSA y1894 i40 March - Why we Should Study Theosophy -- A. Marques
BrWUSA y1894 i41 - missing --
BrWUSA y1894 i42 - missing --
BrWUSA y1894 i43 July - The Story of Osiris -- Harry Steele Budd
BrWUSA y1894 i44 August - Esoteric Christianity -- WE Copeland
BrWUSA y1894 i45 October - Nature -- Joseph H Fussell

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