Branch Work  Adyar, Madras, India 1891-1893?

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BrWAdy y1891 i1 January p1 - Theosophical Study & Work -- William Quan Judge
BrWAdy y1891 i1 January p12 - Some special duties incumbent upon Hindu members of the TS -- Bertram Keightley
BrWAdy y1891 i2 February p1 - The Religious Ideas & Practices of India & their growth -- Purnanda Narayan Sinha
BrWAdy y1891 i3 March p1 - Theosophy - its aims & objects (cmpld from the Key to Theosophy) -- MM Shroff
BrWAdy y1891 i4 April p1 - An Indian Branch TS & "How to work it" -- CLP
BrWAdy y1891 i4 April p12 - Postscript -- (CLP?)
BrWAdy y1891 i4 April p13 - THe Hindu Theory of Metempsychosis -- P Baijnath
BrWAdy y1891 i5 May p1 - The Influence of Theosophy (rprnt paper #11, American Branch Work Series) -- JH Connelly
BrWAdy y1891 i6 June p1 - Divine Heartache -- anon
BrWAdy y1891 i6 June p11 - Practical Theosophy -- anon
BrWAdy y1891 i7 July p1 - On the Higher Aspect of Theosophic Studies -- MMC
BrWAdy y1891 i8 August p1 - The Septenary Constitution of Man -- CLP
BrWAdy y1891 i9 September p1 - Karma & Free-will (from The Path) -- Annie Besant
BrWAdy y1891 i9 September p7 - Theosophical Work in the East & in the West -- Sydney V Edge
BrWAdy y1891 i9 September p15 - Newspaper Correspondence & Press-work -- Bertram Keightley & Sydney V Edge
BrWAdy y1891 i10 October p1 - Some Considerations on the Study of Occultism -- SVE
BrWAdy y1891 i10 October p9 - Light & Life -- JD Buck
BrWAdy y1891 i10 October p16 - To the Secretaries of Branches - Notice -- Sydney V Edge & Bertram Keightley
BrWAdy y1891 i11 November p1 - The Right Knowledge of the Real & the Unreal -- DJ Edal-Behran
BrWAdy y1891 i12 December p1 - Karma -- TS Ganapati Iyer
BrWAdy y1891 i12 December p9 - Branch Work -- A Nilakanta Sastri

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