The Blavatsky Lectures  1918 - continuing, TPH London

Journal  Year - Title -- Author

BlaLec y1918 - Matter is the Shadow of Spirit -- EL Gardner
BlaLec y1919 - The Self and its Problems -- Charlotte E Woods
BlaLec y1920 - Nature Spirits and the Spirits of the Elements -- DN Dunlop
BlaLec y1922 - The Secret Doctrine and Modern Science -- Bertram A Tomes
BlaLec y1924 - Personal Psychology and the Sub-conscious Mind -- Ernest Wood
BlaLec y1925 - The Evolution of Man: Individual and Social -- Percy Lund
BlaLec y1926 - The Distinctive Contribution of Theosophy to Christian Thought -- JI Wedgwood
BlaLec y1927 - The Psychology of Intuition -- J Emile Marcault
BlaLec y1930 - The Personality of HP Blavatsky -- C Jinarajadasa
BlaLec y1933 - The Occult Teachings of the Christ -- Josephine Ransom
BlaLec y1934 - Indications of a New Culture -- Adelaide Gardner
BlaLec y1935 - The Ethics of the Secret Doctrine -- Sidney Ransom
BlaLec y1937 - Mankind To-day and To-morrow -- Iwan A Hawliczek
BlaLec y1941 - The Contribution of Theosophy to Freedom -- E Winter Preston
BlaLec y1942 - The Direction of The Theosophical Society by Masters of Wisdom -- Josephine Ransom
BlaLec y1943 - Theosophy and the Changing Outlook in Science -- Corona Trew
BlaLec y1944 - Theosophy and the Western Mysteries -- G Nevin Drinkwater
BlaLec y1945 - The Power of Love in the Struggle for Light -- Greta Eedle
BlaLec y1946 - The Nature and Function of the Soul -- EL Gardner
BlaLec y1947 - The Mystery Religions -- Charlotte Woods
BlaLec y1948 - Adam, The Prodigal Son -- Laurence J Bendit
BlaLec y1949 - On Order and Purpose in Evolution -- CR Groves
BlaLec y1950 - The Science of Spirituality -- Ianthe H Hoskins
BlaLec y1951 - Man Creator of Forms -- V Wallace Slater
BlaLec y1952 - Brotherhood and the Enlightened Mind -- Doris Groves
BlaLec y1953 - The Sacred Flame -- Phoebe D Bendit
BlaLec y1954 - The Yoga of the Serpent Fire -- Edward Gall
BlaLec y1955 - Purpose Beyond Reason -- Hugh Shearman
BlaLec y1956 - The Opening of the Doors of the Mind -- LC Soper
BlaLec y1957 - The Reign of the Spirit -- Dudley G Gower
BlaLec y1958 - Physical Forces and Spiritual Intelligences -- K Chodkiewicz
BlaLec y1959 - Whence Come the Gods? and Related Studies -- EL Gardner
BlaLec y1960 - The Metaphysics of Experience -- Basil P Howell
BlaLec y1961 - Getting Ready for 1975 -- TH Redfern
BlaLec y1962 - The Abstract and the Concrete -- R Hartley
BlaLec y1963 - Science and the Real -- E Lester Smith
BlaLec y1964 - Consciousness: Its Nature and Action -- N Sri Ram
BlaLec y1967 - A World in Revolution -- H Tudor Edmunds
BlaLec y1970 - H P Blavatsky the light-bringer -- Geoffrey A Barborka
BlaLec y1973 - The Mystery of Satan -- Edward Gall
BlaLec y1974 - Life, Death and Dreams -- Geoffrey A Farthing
BlaLec y1976 - Paradox and Practicality -- LH Leslie-Smith
BlaLec y1977 - The Occultism of Ancient Egypt -- S Lancri
BlaLec y1978 - The Human Journey - Quest for Self-Transformation -- Joy Mills
BlaLec y1979 - Self-Knowledge in the Light of Theosophy [rprnt as 'The way of self-knowledge'] -- Radha Burnier
BlaLec y1981 - An Inquiry into the Nature of Mind -- Adam Warcup
BlaLec y1983 - The Descent Into Hades -- Ted G Davy
BlaLec y1984 - The Flame Divine -- Jeanine Miller
BlaLec y1985 - The Absolute - The Ultimate Reality (Parabrahman) -- Harry Upadhyay
BlaLec y1986 - The Role of Maya in Man's Evolution -- Seymour D Ballard
BlaLec y1987 - Paramitas of Perfection -- Muriel Daw
BlaLec y1988 - The Universal Yoga Tradition -- Radha Burnier
BlaLec y1989 - Theosophy, A Perennial Wisdom for a New Age -- Yves Marcel
BlaLec y1996 - Blavatsky, Freemasonry and the Western Mystery Tradition -- John Algeo
BlaLec y1997 - Mirages in Western Science Resolved by Occult Science -- Edi D Bilimoria
BlaLec y1998 - Science, Consciousness and the Paranormal -- Arthur Ellison
BlaLec y1999 - The Soul's Imperative -- Harold Tarn
BlaLec y2000 - Creating the New Age: Theosophy's Origins in the British Isles -- Michael Gomes
BlaLec y2001 - Theosophy: Its Beneficent Potentialities -- Geoffrey A Farthing
BlaLec y2002 - The Harvest of Life -- Alan Hughes
BlaLec y2003 - Joyful Gnosis: The Approach of HP Blavatsky -- Stephan Hoeller
BlaLec y2005 - Living Truth: The Future of the Theosophical Society -- Radha Burnier
BlaLec y2006 - The Virtuous Key -- Betty Bland
BlaLec y2007 - Colonel Olcott and the Healing Arts -- Michael Gomes
BlaLec y2008 - Esoteric Philosophy: The Theosophical Janus -- John Gordon
BlaLec y2009 - The Cycle of Life -- Colin F Price
BlaLec y2017 - The Multitudinous Universe - The Blavatsky Lecture at 100 -- Michael Gomes

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