The Adyar Pamphlets  1911-1936 Adyar, Madras, India

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AdyPa1 y1911 i1 March - Emotion, Intellect & Spirituality -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1911 i2 April - The Attitude of the Enquirer -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1911 i3 May - The Religion of Theosophy -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1911 i4 June - Proofs of the Existence of the Soul -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1911 i5 July - The Emergence of a World-Religion -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1911 i6 August - Castes in India -- Damodar K Mavalankar
AdyPa1 y1911 i7 September - The Meaning & Method of Spiritual Life -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1911 i8 October - On the Idyll of the White Lotus -- T Subba Row (Rao)
AdyPa1 y1911 i9 November - The Power & Use of Thought -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1911 i10 December - The Value of Devotion -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i11 January - Gurus & Chelas (& a reply by AB) -- ET Sturdy & Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i12 February - What Theosophy Does for Us -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1912 i13 March - Elementary Lessons on Karma -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i14 April - The Fundamental Idea of Theosophy -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1912 i15 May - The Life of Buddha & its Lessons -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1912 i16 June - Education in the Light of Theosophy -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i17 July - On the Bhagavad-Gita -- T Subba Rao & Nobin K Bannerji
AdyPa1 y1912 i18 August - The Future Socialism -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i19 September - Occultism. Semi-Occultism & Pseudo-Occultism -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i20 October - The Law of Cause & Effect -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1912 i21 November - Mysticism -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1912 i22 December - Aspects of the Christ -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i23 January - The Spirit of Zoroastrianism -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1913 i24 February - The Brotherhood of Religions -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i25 March - Some Difficulties of the Inner Life -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i26 April - The Vision of the Spirit -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1913 i27 May - Vegetarianism in the Light of Theosophy -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i28 June - Correspondences between the Planes & some lessons to be drawn from these -- Weller van Hook
AdyPa1 y1913 i29 July - The Influence of the East on Religion -- R Heber Newton
AdyPa1 y1913 i30 August - Communication between Different Worlds (1909) -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i31 September - The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (rprnt 1923) -- T Subba Rao (Nov 1881)
AdyPa1 y1913 i32 October - Theosophy & Its Evidences -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1913 i33 November - Vegetarianism & Occultism -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1913 i34 November - England & India (1906, rprnt 1921) -- Annie Besant (1906)
AdyPa1 y1913 i35 December - The Influence of Theosophy on the Life & Teachings of Modern India -- Gyanendra Nath Chakravarti
AdyPa1 y1913 i36 December - Investigations into the Super-Physical -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i37 January - Theosophy & Christianity -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i38 February - The Religion of Goethe -- F Otto Schrader
AdyPa1 y1914 i39 March - Ancient Egyptian Magic -- HP Blavatsky (Oct/Nov 1886)
AdyPa1 y1914 i40 April - The Reality of the Invisible & the Actuality of the Unseen Worlds -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i41 May - The Smaller Buddhist Catechism -- CW Leadbeater & C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1914 i42 June - A Word on Man, His Nature & His Powers -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i43 July - The Inner Purpose of the Theosophical Society -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i44 August - Indian Students & Politics -- George S Arundale
AdyPa1 y1914 i45 September - Spiritual Life for the Man of the World -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i46 October - On Moods -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1914 i47 November - Buddhism -- F Otto Schrader
AdyPa1 y1914 i48 December - Spirituality & Psychism (rprnt 'Theosophical Review 1900) -- Gyanendranath Chakravarti
AdyPa1 y1915 i49 January - "Spirits" of Various Kinds -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1915 i50 February - Art as a Factor in the Soul's Evolution -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1915 i51 March - The Age of Shri Sankaracharya -- Pandit N Bhashyacharya
AdyPa1 y1915 i52 April - Culture of Concentration -- William Quan Judge
AdyPa1 y1915 i53 May - East & West & the Destinies of Nations -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1915 i54 June - The Ritual Unity of Roman Catholicism & Hinduism -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1915 i55 July - An Epitome of Aryan Morals -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1915 i56 August - Modern Science & the Higher Self -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1915 i57 September - The Age of Patanjali -- Pandit N Bhashyacharya
AdyPa1 y1915 i58 October - Places of Pilgrimage in India -- T Subba Row
AdyPa1 y1915 i59 November - The Bhagavad-Gita, an Essay -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1915 i60 December - Asceticism - A Word of Friendly Counsel -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1916 i61 January - When a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again? -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1916 i62 February - Gautama the Buddha -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1916 i63 March - The Superphysics of the Great War -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1916 i64 April - Psychic & Spiritual Development -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1916 i65 May - Evidences for Truth -- T Sadashiva Iyer
AdyPa1 y1916 i66 June - The Bearing of Religious Ideals on Social Reconstruction -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1916 i67 July - Beauty in the Light of Theosophy -- Anna Kamensky
AdyPa1 y1916 i68 August - The Fall of Ideals -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1916 i69 September - Intuitional Consciousness -- Francesca Arundale
AdyPa1 y1916 i70 October - Man's Waking Consciousness -- George S Arundale
AdyPa1 y1916 i71 November - Spiritual Progress -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1916 i72 December - A World Religion -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1917 i73 January - The Harmonious Development of a Child -- Anna Kamensky
AdyPa1 y1917 i74 February - Prison Work on Theosophical Lines -- B Poushkine = Princess Galiztzine
AdyPa1 y1917 i75 March - The Psychology of Conversion -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1917 i76 April - The Coming Race -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1917 i77 May - My Books -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1917 i78 June - The Origin of Evil -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1917 i79 July - The International Union of Arts & Crafts (1) -- AL Pogosky
AdyPa1 y1917 i80 August - The International Union of Arts & Crafts (2) -- AL Pogosky
AdyPa1 y1917 i81 September - Star-Angel-Worship in the Roman Catholic Church -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1917 i82 October - The Ancient Indian Ideal of Duty -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1917 i83 November - The Mysteries -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1917 i84 December - 1875-1891: A Fragment of Autobiography -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1918 i85 January - The Golden Rules of Buddhism (rprnt from 1887) -- cmpd HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1918 i86 February - Masters of Wisdom -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1918 i87 March - The Place of Religion in National Life -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1918 i88 April - Is Theosophy Anti-Christian? -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1918 i89 May - Thy Kingdom Come -- W Wybergh
AdyPa1 y1918 i90 June - The Count de Saint-Germain & HPB, Two Messengers of the White Lodge -- HS Olcott (July 1905)
AdyPa1 y1918 i91 July - Yoga Practice in the Roman Catholic Church -- Franz Hartmann
AdyPa1 y1918 i92 August - The Soul as It is & How to Deal with it -- Gilbert Murray
AdyPa1 y1918 i93 September - The Search for Happiness -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1918 i94 October - Nature's Finer Forces -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1918 i95 November - The Common Foundation of all Religions -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1918 i96 December - Memories (Memory) of Past Lives -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1919 i97 January - Occultism -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1919 i98 February - Brotherhood -- Dr Th Pascal
AdyPa1 y1919 i99 March - Life After Death -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1919 i100 April - Difficulties in Clairvoyance -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1919 i101 May - Is Belief in the Masters Superstitious or Harmful? -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1919 i102 June - [first version] The Case for Reincarnation [Second version: see Sept. 1921] -- E Douglas Fawcett (missing at Goulburn St)
AdyPa1 y1919 i103 July - Memory -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1919 i104 August - Spiritualism & Theosophy -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1919 i105 September - The Kabalah & the Kabalists -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1919 i106 October - As Above, so Below - Stray Thoughts on Theosophy -- GRS Mead
AdyPa1 y1919 i107 November - Empirical Vegetarianism -- W Wybergh
AdyPa1 y1919 i108 December - Life, & Life after Death -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1920 i109 January - The Roots of Ritualism in Church & Masonry (1) -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1920 i110 February - The Roots of Ritualism in Church & Masonry (2) -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1920 i111 March - Concerning HPB - stray thoughts on Theosophy -- GRS Mead
AdyPa1 y1920 i112 April - The Vampire -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1920 i113 May - The Necessity for Reincarnation -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1920 i114 June - The Building of Character -- Ernest Wood
AdyPa1 y1920 i115 July - The Dweller of the Threshold -- Franz Hartmann
AdyPa1 y1920 i116 August - Kosmic Mind -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1920 i117 September - The Protestant Spirit -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1920 i118 October - Concerning the Mortification of the Flesh -- GRS Mead
AdyPa1 y1920 i119 November - The Great War -- CW Leadbeater (Feb 1916)
AdyPa1 y1920 i120 December - Svadesh & Svaraj -- BP Wadia
AdyPa1 y1921 i121 January - The Substantial Nature of Magnetism -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1921 i122 February - The Metaphysic & Psychology of Theosophy (1) -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1921 i123 March - The Metaphysic & Psychology of Theosophy (2) -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1921 i124 April - True & False Yoga -- Arthur A Wells
AdyPa1 y1921 i125 May - On Karma -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1921 i126 June - The Tidal Wave -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1921 i127 July - Qualifications for Chelaship -- Mohini M Chatterjee
AdyPa1 y1921 i128 August - Karma & Social Improvement -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1921 i102 September - [second version] The History of Reincarnation [replacing the June 1919 version] -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1921 i129 September - Universal Application of Doctrine -- William Quan Judge
AdyPa1 y1921 i130 October - The Nature of Theosophical Proofs -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1921 i131 November - A Rough Outline of Theosophy -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1921 i132 December - The Objects of the Theosophical Society -- Bertram Keightley
AdyPa1 y1922 - [an eight year gap in which no pamphlets are found] --
AdyPa1 y1930 i133 January - Karma Once More -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1930 i134 February - Krishnamurti's Message -- C Jinarajadasa (1928)
AdyPa1 y1930 i135 March - The Work of the Ruler & the Teacher -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1930 i136 April - The Philosophy of the Vedanta, in its relation to the occult metaphysics -- Paul Deussen
AdyPa1 y1930 i137 May - Indian Ideals of Women's Education -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1930 i138 June - The Influence of Alcohol -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1930 i139 July - The God Without & the God Within -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1930 i140 August - Eugenics, Ethics & Metaphysics -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1930 i141 September - To Those Who Mourn -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1930 i142 October - Studies in Ray Correspondence -- LG Hallett
AdyPa1 y1930 i143 November - Applied Theosophy -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1930 i144 December - Theories about Reincarnation and Spirits (rprnt - 'Path', 1886) -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1931 i145 January - The Dawn of Another Renaissance -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1931 i146 February - Industry Under Socialism -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1931 i147 March - The Ethico-Psychological Crux in Political Science & Art - or who should be legislators? -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1931 i148 April - Islam: A Study -- Abdul Karim
AdyPa1 y1931 i149 May - The White Lodge & its Messengers -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1931 i150 June - Inaugural Address of the President-Founder of the Theosophical Society -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1931 i151 July - The Future of the Theosophical Society -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1931 i152 August - The Future of the Theosophical Society -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1931 i153 September - Karmic Visions (rprnt - 'Lucifer', 1888) -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1931 i154 October - The Will & the Plan in Science -- V Appa Row
AdyPa1 y1931 i155 November - The Work of Theosophists -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1931 i156 December - Man's Life in this & in other Worlds -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1932 i157 January - The Theosophical Society & HPB (rprnt) -- Annie Besant; HT Patterson; HPB (Lutr Dec)
AdyPa1 y1932 i158 February - The Bodhisatta Ideal -- Bhikkhu Narada Thero
AdyPa1 y1932 i159 March - The Reconstruction of Civic Life -- Jamshed NR Mehta
AdyPa1 y1932 i160 April - A Sketch of Theosophy -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1932 i161 May - The Moors in Spain -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1932 i162 June - The Life & Teachings of Muhammad -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1932 i163 July - Sree Chaitanya or the Lord Gauranga & His Message of Devotion -- HWB Moreno
AdyPa1 y1932 i164 August - Public Spirit - Ideal & Practical -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1932 i165 September - Racial Problems in South Africa -- Josephine Ransom
AdyPa1 y1932 i166 October - The Use of Evil -- Annie Besant (1910)
AdyPa1 y1932 i167 November - The Bearing of Religious Ideals on Social Reorganization -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1932 i168 December - The Meaning & the Use of Pain -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1933 i169 January - Eastern Magic & Western Spiritualism -- HS Olcott
AdyPa1 y1933 i170 February - An Introduction to the Study of Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali -- George C Williams
AdyPa1 y1933 i171 March - A World in Distress: The Remedy as Seen by a Theosophist -- A. Ranganatha Mudaliar
AdyPa1 y1933 i172 April - A World in Distress: The Remedy as Seen by the Theosophist (1) The Economic Conditions -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1933 i172 April - A World in Distress: The Remedy as Seen by the Theosophist (2) The Spiritual View-point -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1933 i172 April - A World in Distress: The Remedy as Seen by the Theosophist (3) The Western Conditions -- LW Rogers
AdyPa1 y1933 i173 May - Ancient Solutions of Modern Problems -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1933 i174 June - Ancient Solutions of Modern Problems -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1933 i175 July - Our Relation to Children -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1933 i176 August - Notes on the Gospel According to John -- HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1933 i177 September - Ancient Ideals in Modern Masonry -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1933 i178 October - Authority -- George S Arundale
AdyPa1 y1933 i179 November - The Occult Teachings of the Christ -- Josephine Ransom
AdyPa1 y1933 i180 December - The Book of Tao --
AdyPa1 y1934 i181 January - Doubt the Liberator -- Serge Brisy
AdyPa1 y1934 i182 February - Dr Besant & India's Religious Revival -- Hirendra Nath Datta
AdyPa1 y1934 i183 March - Dr Besant - Warrior -- George S Arundale
AdyPa1 y1934 i184 April - The Third Object of the Theosophical Society -- CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1934 i185 May - Life as Ceremonial -- M Besant-Scott
AdyPa1 y1934 i186 June - Dr Besant as a Comrade & a Leader -- CP Ramaswami Aiyar
AdyPa1 y1934 i187 July - Communalism & Its Cure by Theosophy or Spiritual Health: the only sure basis of material wealth -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1934 i188 August - An Introduction to the Mantra Shastra -- SE Gopalacharlu
AdyPa1 y1934 i189 September - An Introduction to Mantra Shastra -- SE Gopalacharla
AdyPa1 y1934 i190 October - Annie Besant & the Changing World -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1934 i191 November - Annie Besant & the Changing World -- Bhagavan Das
AdyPa1 y1934 i192 December - The Noble Eightfold Path -- Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1935 i193 January - The Purpose of Theosophy (1) -- Mrs AP Sinnett
AdyPa1 y1935 i194 February - The Purpose of Theosophy (2) -- Mrs AP Sinnett
AdyPa1 y1935 i195 March - Discipleship & some Karmic Problems -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1935 i196 April - Theories in Comparative Mythology -- Mohini M Chatterji
AdyPa1 y1935 i197 May - Theosophy: Its Meaning & Value -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1935 i198 June - The Work of Theosophy in the World -- Annie Besant (1909)
AdyPa1 y1935 i199 July - Sankaracharya, Philosopher & Mystic -- Kasinath Tryambak Telang
AdyPa1 y1935 i200 August - Yoga -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1935 i201 September - Yoga -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1935 i202 October - Hypnotism & Mesmerism (rprnt 1948) -- Annie Besant
AdyPa1 y1935 i203 Nov_Dec - Memory and Its Nature -- Annie Besant and HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1935 i204 Nov_Dec - Memory and Its Nature -- Annie Besant and HP Blavatsky
AdyPa1 y1936 i205 - Creating Character -- Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1936 i206 - Creating Character -- Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1936 i207 - Creating Character -- Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater
AdyPa1 y1936 i208 - Theosophy as Beauty -- GS Arundale, Rukmini Devi; C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1936 i209 - Buddha & His Message (rprnt 1948) -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1936 i210 - What is the Work of Theosophists? -- C Jinarajadasa
AdyPa1 y1936 i211 - Theosophy & Truth -- George S Arundale
AdyPa1 y1936 i212 - Message of Beauty to Civilizations -- Shrimati Rukmini Devi

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