Picture of Advance! Australia Pamphlets covers

Advance! Australia Pamphlets  no year (1926-1929?) Sydney, GS Arundale?

Journal  Volume  Page - Title -- Author

AdvPam v1 p1 - A Pebble of Goodwill -- na
AdvPam v2 p1 - The Path to Happiness -- GS Arundale
AdvPam v3 p1 - Theosophy and the Problems of Existence -- GS Arundale
AdvPam v4 p1 - Religions and Civilizations -- GS Arundale
AdvPam v5 p1 - Australia: Her Power and Purpose -- na
AdvPam v6 p1 - The Problem of the Cinema -- GS Arundale
AdvPam v7 p1 - Prohibition -- GS Arundale
AdvPam v8 p1 - Theosophy and an Ideal Australia -- C Jinarajadasa

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